Music conspiracy

I´m a Swede and listened to a Swedish podcast today. They mentioned a subject they would maybe come to in the future: a book by Mark Devlin “Musical truth”. I googled his name cause my bullshit detector started to ring. Devlin is a DJ who has “researched” the musical industri for five yars or so. He found some horrible “truths” about the agenda of the music industri. Has someone here heard about this?

From the Amamzon description of the book: “Mark Devlin is a long-standing DJ and music journalist. ‘Musical Truth’ is the culmination of his five years’ of research into the true nature of the industry and its objectives—from dark occult rituals, to mind-controlled artists, and all points in between. The book shows how these agendas fit into the much wider picture of what’s really going on in the world, and—crucially—how the power lies with us to bring it to an end.”

So what’s the real agenda?


Besides making as much money as possible using any upfront or devious means the imagination can come up with.

There’s this conspiracy which explains why listening to newer music does nothing to me +95% of the time - beyond changing the station.

It’s really spooky, like what’s wrong with me, then the old stuff written by real people comes around and my backbone is bopping and my mind gets into the music, and my spirit is soaring and it’s like, well okay it’s not me, something else is going on.


Every song you love was written by the same two guys
By Larry Getlen October 4, 2015

nypost com/2015/10/04/your-favorite-song-on-the-radio-was-probably-written-by-these-two/


Data Science Explains Why Every Hit Pop Song Sounds the Same
The music is in the models.
By Courtney Linder Sep 9, 2019

Mind you I’m of the generation that can remember the Beatles first invasion of America, so there’s all sorts of new stuff that makes no sense to my head or my spirit.

It´s not about the greed of the music industri, as it seems. More about occultism and dark powers, in the spirit of David Icke. That´s the impression I get.

From a readers review on Amazon:

“What an interesting book Devlin has written! He links the research of a number of insightful writers from Fritz Springmeier to Dave McGowan to John Hamer, as he takes us through his own tour of the dark occult aspects of the music industry.
These Elite Music Murderers seem to be able to link themselves to dark physical energies evoked by manipulating the energies of fear and the frequencies of sound. The Occultists appear to be able to turn these frequencies to their advantage in terms of power and control but to their detriment in terms of any semblance of decency or compassion. They lose any semblance of humanity, because they evoke their power advantage through cruel and murderous rituals. (Or perhaps they never had any “semblance of humanity” to begin with…but have always been an inbred mutant criminal invasive species…but I digress…”

About two of the authors mentioned above: (Wiki)

Fritz Artz Springmeier (also known as Viktor E. Schoff)[1] is an American right wing conspiracy theorist author, formerly a resident of Corbett, Oregon, who has written a number of books claiming that Satanic forces are behind a move toward world domination by various families and organizations. He has described his goal as "exposing the New World Order agenda.

“Since 1990, McGowan ran a small business in the greater Los Angeles area. He was a dogged veteran of deep politics and deep events well before the term “Conspiracy theory” became ubiquitous in the wake of the 9-11 attacks. He has published a number of books on various aspects of the excercise of occult power. He has also published many studies of controversial events, notably the Apollo moonlandings, MKULTRA and the Laurel Canyon milieu of the late 1960’s, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, The Pedophocracy, the Boston Marathon bombings, and many others. He can fairly claim the title of The First 9-11 Sceptic, having published a thorough, sceptical analysis of the events of 9-11 less than 24 hours after the collapse of the towers, still a good introduction to 9-11. He had three daughters who intended republish his work from the former, now deactivated, website”

Sounds like bull to me.

“Musical conspiracy”, honestly.

I should change it to Musical conspiracy?

You mean like Alice Cooper?

Occultism - devil worship. It seemed more like showmanship than any actually frequency bending.


These Elite Music Murderers seem to be able to link themselves to dark physical energies evoked by manipulating the energies of fear and the frequencies of sound.
makes it sound really serious. Any serious documentation?

I haven´t read the books. Just wondered if anyone on the forum have. The topic of the CT is quite odd.

Some pure harmonic waves are destructive of those things that resonate to those wave lengths.

An opera singer can shatter a wine glass with her voice. A stiff breeze can make a bridge collapse. A tectonic shift can cause a tsunami.

Dissonance is often a destructive harmonic as it creates conflicting harmonics. Cacophony.

Well-being means harmony of sound and body

As we all know, the instruments in an orchestra are all tuned to a particular common tone in order to achieve a harmonic ensemble. If just one of the instruments is out of tune the whole orchestra sounds discordant or even disturbing.

You are also the conductor of an orchestra. Your organs and cells are the instruments in your ensemble. If our organs and cells are oscillating harmonically we feel consentaneous. If they are not we feel discordant and eventually become ill.


Well, whenever you hear about “occult rituals” taking place you can be sure the accusations are nonsense.

However it is a fact that the music business is evil.

Paul McCartney was substituted out permanently with a mimic with limited coverage by the media other than to call the reports rubbish. All occult references aside, what entity has that influence and authority? I vote the world’s dominant military at the time, through its somewhat newish psychological warfare groups, which still hold reign over major media to this very day. This vid will show pictures of Paul and the shady figure who replaced him - posing together in a series of photos from a day in 1964 - in published and visually recorded media output of the time and currently. Learn.

Paul & Faul - 1964 photo.