Star Trek - The Orville

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@mriana Have you seen a show called The Orville yet? It’s patterned quite closely after Star Trek.

I’ve watched up to Season 1, ep 7 so far. I think they did a surprising job at melding (no pun intended) comedy with actually decent plots. It’s quite a bit different, imo, in the fact that it’s not really a parody or spoof, but they do inject comedy in some places you normally wouldn’t expect it. But 5 or 10 minutes of pure drama/action will pass before some comedy happens. Which works ok, because they can still have a mostly serious-Trek-like episode.

Anyway, imo, it’s more like Trek than Discovery (which I quit watching halfway through season 2 or 3.

One of the head writers is Seth McFarlane, so the humor resembles Family Guy a bit, but it’s not so overdone like the jokes in Family Guy.

Yes, it’s more Star Trek than Discovery is.

I obviously agree, but I’ll say it again. :slight_smile: I really love The Orville.

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I read an article where Seth McFarlane said its not meant to be a parody he said he was such a star trek fan he had to do it.
I like the new Star Trek they did it as it has always been done. I didn’t like star trek with Scot Bacula it just felt all wrong the command structure mainly. The recent one with the girl was just too much . But they have gone back to the original script.

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I was really enjoying it until Season 3 started. The show drags in so many spots I stopped watching after S03E05.