The best response to what about oct 7

This must be the quintessential response to this pro Israel mantra. And keep your jimmy dore comments out if this. Its not what this post is about

Wow. I have never seen this program but they seem hell bent on promoting conspiracy theories and anger.
Building seven was blown up by the owner? That puts the inane in insane.

Edit to add: Regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the complexities of that mess lends plenty of blame to both sides. But any organization that has as its goal to destroy a people should not be in charge of another people.

Going backwards and forwards on the oct 7 dates is most effective. I was listening to the radio and they had a ‘military expert’ on, and he talked about the ‘threat’ posed by Hamas to Israel and how Israel had decided, pushed by public opinion, that Hamas had to be ‘eradicated once and for all’ and that Gaza must never again function as a staging post for attacks against Israel…

They then had an interview with a leading Israeli politician who said almost the same thing…

If one reversed the… ‘arguments’ and talked about eradicating Israel, once and for all, as a threat to the Palestinians/Gaza, a staging post for attacks, and the Palestinians could never really feel safe as long as the IDF and Israel existed in its current form…

This would be regarded as toweringly outrageous and brazenly antisemitic, calling for the destruction of Israel… The worst is, I don’t believe these guests are aware of how they sound and how they think, the automatic bias built into their way of looking at the world and multiplied by the postions within the state/media they occupy.

Then, to cap it all, the BBC just had to interview Jonathan Freedland, who preached about Israel and the worldwide Jewish community’s ‘terrible trauma’ linked to the threat of annihilation…

Nothing about the Palestinian ‘trauma’, the lastest one, after the slaughter of upwards of 20,000 people in Gaza. Freedland has the Chutzpa to even mention the word ‘peace’. But of course, this would only happen after the latest Israeli massacre and the fighting stopped! No, he didn’t say that of course, the last bit.

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ONU general secretary summed up :

Israel is responsible for the 7th of October attack and each side is responsible of its crimes.

Now the situation is such that each side has no empathy for the other side and in unable to look for a peaceful solution. Each side uses the crimes of the other side to negate or excuse its crimes and to negate the right of the other side to exist.

Hamas and Israeli are the best allied in the world as they have a common aim, to create a river of blood between both people to make peace impossible. And each promotes the total destruction of the other side.

And yes, Israel is a colonial state which policy in Cisjordanie is criminal.


I’m not taking sides period. IMHO, violence and war is uncalled for period and both sides are guilty of that. That’s not even talking about Hamas’ treatment of their captives. I have yet to hear anything about how Israel treated their captives, but they did have more. That four year old little girl, who Hamas kept captive, lost her person, was kidnapped by Hamas, and given that they didn’t feed their captives much and tortured them, with little respect for females, there is no telling how they treated her. She will need therapy for a while, for sure.

The video sounds like a right wing show, with a very stupid answer. There is not intellectual thought to it.

Why not?
Was the program produced and hosted by Jimmy Dore?
Why shouldn’t this background information on the person be enough to say: he’s a phony I won’t waste my time on his hate mongering?

Why do you hold up his talk as some authority?

James Patrick Anthony Dore (born July 26, 1965) is an American stand-up comedian, conspiracy theorist, political commentator, podcaster and YouTube personality. He is the host of The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedic political talk show on YouTube.[4]

Dore started as a comedian in Illinois in 1989 and made several appearances on late night talk shows early in his comedy career. From 2005 onward, his performances increasingly included political commentary. Dore was affiliated with *The Young Turks*from 2009 to 2019 and appeared on a Young Turks Network show titled Aggressive Progressives. From 2010 to 2021 The Jimmy Dore Show was broadcast on public radio station KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, California. From 2021 onward, The Jimmy Dore Show became entirely independent and streams live, as well as posts, via YouTube regularly.

Dore has gained a reputation for presenting a positive perspective on established conspiracy theories, such as the assertion that the Syrian government was not responsible for chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians in Khan Shaykhun.

His personal background is also significant in creating the person:

Dore has 11 siblings and is the youngest of seven boys.[7][8] Due to his large family, Dore grew accustomed to playing to an audience early in life,[9] and he used comedy to avoid beatings from his older brothers.[8] Dore’s father was a policeman who owned a brickwork business.[7] Dore has described his father as being a Reagan Democrat,[10] and in Dore’s senior year of high school, he argued with his father against Ronald Reagan’s presidency.[11]

For 12 years, he attended Catholic schools, which he felt were very strict,[12] followed by Illinois State University, dropping out after three years and gaining employment as a forklift driver.[7] He later graduated from Columbia College Chicago[13] with a degree in marketing communications.[14]

A marketing communication expert. What’s he know about the real details of world affairs?

Why should anyone listen to him???

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What would you do with Israel?

See what I mean?

To limit it roughly to its 1949 borders.

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There’s a nice quick border history HERE

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Do you mean that most of the world is also colonialist and supports keeping the spoils of war, if you let the others keep theirs?

What an intelligent thoughtful and compassionate response from a social democrat to more than 10,000 Palestinian children who have been murdered or severely injured since oct 7

Write 4 u is so right of centre he doesnt realise the question misses the part about borders. Recognise israel within what borders ?

Now that’s sarcasm!

Just because someone says they are pro Palestine, it doesn’t mean they have a reasonable solution to the problem.

Is a ceasefire asking too much for a pro Palestinian because it sure is for social democrat

Not in my opinion. But how is my asking for it going to change anything?

Thats what the pro Palestinians are asking for. Thats the first step to resolving this .

What do pro Palestinians suggest about Hamas?

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What has that got to do with a ceasefire?