Tell Congress: Oppose the Pompeo and Haspel Nominations

It’s been bad enough with establishment moderates, now trump is getting ready to load his deck of cards with full on extremists.
Didn’t we learn anything from Shock and Awe???

Trump just ousted Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State; bumped Mike “Let’s Bomb Iran" Pompeo out of the CIA and into the Secretary of State spot; and put Gina “Make Torture Great Again" Haspel in charge of the CIA. And already, powerful people who should know better are starting to whisper that Pompeo and Haspel are not that bad. FALSE. If Pompeo and Haspel clear confirmation, we’re looking at a potential fast track to two terrible scenarios at the same time: Bringing back torture AND scrapping the Iran Deal. Add your name and urge Congress to oppose the Pompeo / Haspel nominations.