Sydney Poitier is dead

He was a great actor.

He was the first black star, working in the limits imposed in his times.
In " In the heath of the night", he slaps a white man. It was seen differently by black and white southerners.

[In the Heat of the Night (8/10) Movie CLIP - Slapping Endicott (1967) HD - YouTube]

He was a very good actor and now he’s not coming for dinner anymore. :cry: He made history and not just in his role as Mr. Tibbs either. He was the first Black male actor to win an emmy. To Sir, with love. We’ll miss you. Guess you now know the favourite movies of his that I like. :slight_smile:

He never won an Emmy. He won an Oscar. For Lilies of the Field.

Yeah, I know. I messed up on that and didn’t get a chance to correct it.

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And Sir Sidney wasn’t the first black Oscar!

If you read the article, he was, but no one has to believe it.

Er. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To be exact and precise, as far as i know, he was the first one in a leading role.

Hattie Mc Daniel was the first one, in a supporting role.

[Hattie McDaniel - Wikipedia]

[List of black Academy Award winners and nominees - Wikipedia]

? I know that don’t I. But you won’t know that Hattie McDaniel won the first black Oscar a quarter of a century before? Why is that?