so, Tarantino’s turns out to be a pig. What a surprise.

I think people are really disgusted' - Quentin Tarantino faces Hollywood backlash Rory Carroll, 2/7/18 It started with Uma Thurman revealing that Quentin Tarantino bullied her into driving an unsafe car that crashed and now days later it is Tarantino’s reputation and possibly career that is skidding at dangerously high speed. With accusations flying at the Pulp Fiction director from all over Hollywood, his status as one of America’s most revered auteurs is at risk, prompting speculation about his future. Tarantino apologised on Monday for putting Thurman in harm’s way during the filming of Kill Bill, calling it “the biggest regret of my life", but by Tuesday he was facing a growing outcry over other perceived offences. ...
Hmmm, will Mr. Can't Get Enough Blood and Guts get his just deserts?

“One of America’s most revered auteurs”? Really? I’ve never liked Tarantino’s movies.

That article is a bit too sensationalist for my bullshit meter. As we all know, omissions can be as important as facts - and while the facts in that article aren’t in dispute, the omissions are. At least, I stop bothering to read after I find a glaring one:
“It also emerged that Tarantino personally performed some violent actions in his films, including spitting on Thurman’s face and choking her with a chain in Kill Bill”
Actions that Uma Thurman asked him to do for those particular scenes, and as far as I can tell she was not injured by Tarantino in these scenes.
Also, the writer of that article is not credited, as far as I can tell, which to me is a big red flag.

Not near as big a red flag as ol Quentin himself.
But, then I’m not your normal, blood and guts and gratuitous violence loving Amerikan.
It would be interesting knowing how many crazy shooter kids, he’s helped inspire.
He makes it all seem so fuk’n cool. Hahaha.

Were there violent psychopaths on the writing and animating staff of Tom & Jerry? We can’t always judge a person by their entertainment output. Besides, Tarantino would agree that he’s no saint.

Were there violent psychopaths on the writing and animating staff of Tom & Jerry? We can't always judge a person by their entertainment output. Besides, Tarantino would agree that he's no saint.
You're a good man Andrew. Guess I was a tree hugger and lover from way back, I couldn't stand Tom & Jerry and the Three Stooges disgusted me. I guess, having an 8 year older brother who didn't mind picking on me helped form my attitude, but we all have our environmental influences. It taught me some fantasy reflex skills (plus attitude under pressure) that's literally saved my life, so I figure it's a draw and I'm good with him. But, just because I could be pushed to that violent place during younger decades, doesn't mean I don't find it revolving and somewhat counter productive, although walking out of bar standing tall, while the creep that weighted half again what I did, and who jumped me, is laying on the floor and no one is making a move against me, because all silently agree I was in the right and he had the surprise lesson coming. Now there's a personal trophy unlike any other. But I don't emulate it and find that friendly communication and ethical actions accomplish a bunch more, especially in the real world of work and dealing with clients and all that jazz. Or the constant hate mongering of the Alt-right and how that's frazzling social communication and common sanity, with continually escalating consequences that we're all going to hate when they reach full flowering. Violence as a solution is guaranteed to spiral out of control. Just look at Cheney/Bush's endless "War Of Terror On Terror" which has created a US society that embraces war (never considering what its doing to other societies) and is now dependent on continuing the arm production and their expenditure to keep the economy propped up.
289 School Shootings In America Since 2013 ...
When I look around at this society we've created for ourselves, I can see my squeamish attitude was founded in rational fears for where it would take us. It's like aren't we violent enough by nature, and don't the normal pressures of life challenge us enough to control the little demon all of carry to a larger or lesser extent? Why glorify it. Then we wonder why people act out.
School Shooting in Kentucky Was Nation’s 11th of Year. It Was Jan. 23.

Now I don’t mean to lay the blame for all of this on Tarantino - but he sure is one of the major criminals of Hollywood’s sexification of gratuitous violence, which frustrated, lost, hopeless young men, find so easy, hell appealing, to grasp onto.

Guess I was a tree hugger and lover from way back, I couldn't stand Tom & Jerry and the Three Stooges disgusted me.
Slapstick comedy is something entirely different. I've outgrown my liking for the Three Stooges, but when I was little I used to love them, precisely because it was clear even to a child that they weren't really hurting one another. Moe would bop Curly in the head with a hammer and it made a funny sound, but it obviously didn't fracture his skull the way a real hammer would have. Or he'd run a saw across his noggin and it would rip the teeth off of the saw. It was funny because of the comic exaggeration of how "hard" their heads were. Children learn pretty quick that really getting hit on the head or poked in the eye hurts and isn't any fun. Just like we found out that sword duels with sticks usually led to your knuckles getting rapped. It didn't stop us from playing Zorro or Robin Hood, but we were more careful how we did it. (I didn't like Tom and Jerry because I thought the cat should win. :) )
(I didn't like Tom and Jerry because I thought the cat should win. :) )
I'm with you on that one ;-) As for the rest of what you said, sure for the normal, balanced loved kids. Unfortunately, all kids are not normal, balanced and loved. I've known some for whom the board upside the head, wasn't a game. ... and of course, then I look at our country and today's rekindled tribal rage and reemergence of racism and it all seems part and parcel of one unifying trajectory, that I've been watching and shaking my head about, but have never been able to appreciate since it all seemed so shallow and self-destructive in the long run. Guess that's why I escaped to the wilds of Colorado, like the primal mammal scurrying about in the understory and avoiding the big bad boys much as possible. It's worked out pretty good so far, although it's getting mighty crowded around here too. Sure glad I'm nearing 63 and in my home stretch, ready to check out before the true horrors some home to roost. {Then I think back on what a wide-open promising world it was when I was 13 and starting to get to know it up close - then the thought of starting over today and the horror really strikes home.} Guess in the end Tarantino is just a scapegoat for my emotions - but an apt one, if there ever was. :red:
"One of America's most revered auteurs"? Really? I've never liked Tarantino's movies.
He is highly revered among that generation of directors, but it must be said the competition isn't that stiff and he peaked a long time ago. Tarantino's movies are basically mega-geeky homages to 70s B-movies with a heavy dose of gen-X irony and nihilism. He has a talent for writing memorable dialogue and fitting obscure soundtracks to the movies' pacing, but beyond that he's pretty overrated, and most of his stuff gets tiresome after a couple viewings. At any rate the culture has moved on from that stuff, and his more recent movies are not much more then racial revenge fantasies. It would be funny if his next career step was actually becoming a B-movie director.

Can’t be easy being called Quentin, maybe he, like, takes it out on his actors and scripts? :titter:

Good point, plus with that puss, school could have been tough on the guy.

I’ve quite enjoyed some or Tarantino’s movies; clever, but shooting scenes out of sequences is hardly new.

His smug sense of superiority ,imbedded in jokes ,and references to old/obscure films/actors** just make him a wanker.

I’ve always seen him as an hauteur director rather than an auteur director.


** perhaps I’m wrong: Lt Aldo Ray? How many people under 50 would know who he was?



I think Tarantino movies are fun enuf to watch. I don’t think about him or his movies as superlative examples of an artist or art, but still, fun enuf to watch.