"American Factory"


This documentary has received an Oscar nomination. It is a product of Barack and Michelle Obama. If the Obamas win an Oscar, the real entertainment will be seeing T rump’s orange head turn green from envy.

I’ve found a very cool website, where critics review movies. You can visit it https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/american_factory.

You just reminded me of the talk right after Obama left office after completing his second, term limited term in office with nary a scandal in eight years of uninterrupted service because he was so popular he easily won reelection. He had some speaking engagement he was getting paid a lot of money for. I remember conservatives bitching and whining that we should take his pension away if he’s going to be making that kind of money giving speeches, exactly like previous presidents have done without a single complaint before Obama. I remember saying something about a them bitching about a black man with a job now when usually it’s the other way around.

There was something different about that guy that some people really didn’t like. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was. And before you say it, it wasn’t that he was black. I have been assured by multiple Republicans that his color wasn’t the issue, and they all have a black friend, so you know they’re not lying. Come to think of it Mel Gibson also has a black friend, Whoopie Goldberg, who says he’s not racist either, so I guess he’s not racist either. He just says a lot of really, REALLY racist things, but I guess that doesn’t make him racist somehow.

Well said… ?


"There was something different about that guy [Obama] that some people really didn’t like."
It's jealousy.

When their opponent is smarter, nicer, a better communicator, handsomer, better at basketball, happier, and just an all-round better person, than anyone on their side, they feel jealous.

His color is probably on the list for many people, but even his non-racist opponents have lots of (terrible) reasons to dislike him.