Strange triangular lights in Clarkdale AZ

We were at our local concert in the park, and took two pictures of the band stand (one vertical, then one landscape). When we got home I noticed triangular lights shining through the cloudy sky. The pictures were taken just a second apart, and the lights on on the left, then the right of the flagpole. Triangle lights near flag poleI don’t know what it could be, but very strange

Look to the left of the flagpole.

It definitely could be something with the iPhone… especially because there is a string of lights on the ground at the concert, but weird that it is in different places between the first & second image.

But you are definitely closer to the flagpole in the second shot, and it looks like you turned your phone from landscape to portrait. Couldn’t that have made the reflection move?

As a child I recall sitting, playing on the floor by a screen door. Outside a storm was brewing the great smell of approaching rain was in the air, accompanied by maverick gusts of wind. What seemed to me like a ball of lightning came thru the screen and seemed to land on me. That was it. It was there, then it was gone. I didn’t feel anything from it. I only saw it.

Idk if that was what is referred to as ball lightning. I have never seen it since.