Steve Schmidt on T rump

“When we look at the whole spectrum of the nonsense that’s communicated to the American people through the vast and sophisticated Trump propaganda network that is heavily influenced by misinformation,” Steve Schmidt said. “That is intended to divide the American people put into the social media sphere by hostile foreign intelligence services. It is a real threat to comity in our country.”

“When you look at Alex Jones, and you look at Laura Ingraham, and Judge Jeanine and all of them,” Schmidt continued. “Each and everyone in their own right’s spectacularly nuts.”

“Trump is many things,” Schmidt said. “He has lied to the American people more than 17,000 times. He is completely corrupt. He is indecent. He is vile. He is divisive. But, at this moment in what matters the most, he is an imbecile. There is no other word for it.”

April 11, on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Steve Schmidt says:

“His delays, his incompetence, his ignorance has turned deadly. There has been a deadly consequence for the fact that Donald Trump is sitting in the oval office as the most unprepared president in America to deal with any type of crisis.”

May 15, Steve Schmidt: The US has a 'shattered economy' because of the fool in the Oval Office.