Stairway to Heaven - now making money for lawyers Led Zeppelin’s lead singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page must face a US jury trial over whether they stole opening chords for their 1971 classic Stairway to Heaven.
Here's the song allegedly "stolen"
Taurus- Spirit
I'm very unimpressed with their riff and the tune in general. But I'm no musician. This guy is a musician does a nice dissection
Stairway To Heaven Vs Taurus Guitar examination Led Zeppelin Vs Spirit;
LED ZEPPELIN'S unforgettable song Your turn…

Good analysis. i noticed the similarity long ago, but don’t think there is enough to justify this lawsuit. Jake Holmes, however, had a much better case when he sued Jimmy Page over Dazed and Confused in 2010, but I couldn’t find any judgment. Jake Holmes opened for the Yardbirds in 1967 when Jimmy Page was their guitarist.

I trust whatever Darron says, in this matter. Ruling in favor of the defendant. Case closed.