Good bye Ray Manzarek (keyboardist for the Doors) - clip from a 1998 interview

It’s funny I haven’t listen to WHYY’s Fresh Air in weeks if not months, yesterday I dialed in and bang another great interview.
Ironically, just a couple weeks ago Harry Shearer at La Show tagged her good for over use of “so” - it hurt.
And this interview was great because Ray Manzarek is such an animated interviewee.
It was only a 20 minute clip from an interview back in 1998 -
The reason I’m bringing it up is the last few minutes contain one of the best self descriptions of a song going from initial idea to being fleshed out into the mega-hit “(come on baby) Light My Fire.”
Down right beautiful… TromboneAndrew I think you’d get a kick out of it.

The mythology surrounding The Doors has centered largely on its lead singer, Jim Morrison, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1971. Morrison is still considered one of rock music's tortured poets and sex gods, but instrumentally, The Doors' distinctive sound was based on Ray Manzarek's keyboard playing. His are the riffs made famous in such songs such as "Riders on the Storm," "Break on Through" and "People Are Strange."

That interview was way too short. Who’d a thunk the solos in Light My Fire were inspired by John Coltrane’s My Favorite Things? I’d love to hear him explaining how some of their other great songs came about. I’m going to check Half Price Books for Manzarek’s memoirs.
I’m going to put my iPod in my pocket, queue some Doors, go out on the back porch and smoke a cigar while sipping some tequila. I can hear the cigar begging me Come on baby light my fire.
Edit: Man must have whiskey, ah you know why.

Show you the way to the next whiskey bar?
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Show you the way to the next whiskey bar? :lol: Take care, Derek :cheese: :wow: :gulp: :kiss: >:( :-/ :sick: