South Africa's 84 page submission to ICJ sees Israel hoisted by its own petard

Note especially “Expressions of Genocidal Intent against the Palestinian People by Israeli State Officials and Others”, p.59-67


Summary of the first day of south africas case against Israel for genocide at the ICJ

Concluded with

"Overall, a very power presentation, and given the court’s case law, and given the lower threshold required for issuing provisional measures, it will be very surprising if the court does not issue provisional measures against Israel. The question is which ones.

Should ICJ issues measures against Israel this will put every country that is a party to the Genocide Convention that they, like South Africa, need to discharge their obligations to prev ent Genocide and act against Israel’s actions and protect Palestinians, "

This also should prompt reflection amongst al those governments and media outlets who supported Israel war, because they have been supporting a Genocide.

Interesting news. Someone pointed out to me that whatever happens it will be negative, for these reasons:

  1. Israel is found guilty of genocide, America and much of the West could be found complicit in that genocide.

  2. If Israel (and the West) just ignores the ICJ, it discredits multilateral organizations.

Yes this is whats at stake. This is a new world order moment

I watched South africas presentation on al jazeera and it was brilliant. Thus guy seems to think it will get up

NWO has been used in so many ways, I don’t know what it means.

I have a photo, pre-digital, somewhere in a box, of a tent city in Dunn Meadow, an open area where I played Frisbee at Indiana University in Bloomington. The tents were a protest, to show what it was like to live under apartheid in South Africa. It was part of the campaign to get major institutions, like universities, to pull their investments out of South Africa. It seemed crazy at the time, but it slowly gained momentum. Nelson Mandela and his family are incredible. To go from prisoner to President was an amazing thing to witness. South Africa is the perfect country to bring this sort of charge. Truth and Reconciliation would be even more.

Bing AI couldn’t find any reference to tents being used in that protest. I’ll have to fix the internet. I found this one line, about a “shantytown”, not tents.
Dunn Meadow through the ages - Indiana Daily Student (

As for the interview, not sure what’s in it that you think I don’t know, or need to learn, or why you think I don’t know these things, or if you think I disagree. I was going to critique Finkelstein’s delivery, but he does a good job of that himself at 17:12, “I’m gonna rely on you to be systematic about, because my reactions are scattered, whereas you have a agenda before you, so you can direct me when I’m going off course.”

The true blue liberal at work . Nothing about content just delivery.

“not sure what’s in it that you think I don’t know”

Youre the only one here John?

Massive Protests in Yemen against USA

Nothing but nit picking.
Change “I” to “we”. It was implied, but, hope that clears it up.

This is a site for discussing pur reactions to the news, not just posting links. It’s a discussion forum.

Youre not the only one here John so no need to ask why was it posted as you learned nothing .

What I told you is that I’m familiar with the history. There are only a few active participants here, and they are also familiar. So, what are your thoughts? What would you like to talk about?

John Dub, since when do you represent all others?.. Interesting discussion and difference of opinion of South Africas strategy in presenting its case to the ICJ . Didnt know about that israel was the first and only country to legalise torture. Did you?

And the tent story . Actions taken by the public in direct contrast with the American govt who identified Mandela as a terrorist and did nit take him off the CIA terror list until 2008 ( thanks George Bush) . So the USA considered Mandela a terrorist even when he was president of SA.!!!

I don’t represent anyone. I know them. Like you know me. But I use that knowledge to enhance our relationships instead of what you’re doing.

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Susan Sarandon Is Dropped By Her Talent Agency. Guess Why.

On that same note, another actress was fired from a movie because of anti-Israel comments. They both offended those people that run Hollywood. You know – Scandinavians. Everybody knows, but we can’t admit we know.

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We all know but cannot speak openly.

List of cultural events cancelled

Kirby on “from the river to the sea” from Nuttyahoo

Another priceless moment. The empty rhetoric, double standards exposed and he just points to the next question. Twat.

Israhell can use the phrase, but Palestinians can’t. Go figure. Basically, Nuttyahoo has been working against the 2 state solution forever. Israel delenda est. It’s about time …

America is not a serious country anymore. Many such cases.

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