Hello from Israel

Hello, I’m the editor of an Israeli on line magazine in the spirit of secular humanism.
We are searching for collaborators from throughout the world to discuss and consult of how to push forward our initiative. We invite people from the secular community (whether humanists, atheists, brights, freethinkers and alike) to join with us to the endeavor to enhance community cohesion, and to acknowledge that we need to work together to stand up for our values.
Here in the Middle East it is a tricky issue. It is very difficult to find collaborators in the surrounding countries, and I hope that through this forum I will also be able to find members from the neighboring countries.
We now work as volunteers in maintaining our site. We already had dozens of people writing to us and sharing videos that they’ve preparer to share through our sites. We cover issues from science, philosophy, and politics from the secular humanist viewpoint. We hope to be able to find some budget to enhance our activity. It would be great to hear some ideas from this forum of how we can achieve this.
Our site is now only in Hebrew, and one of the things we wanted to do it we had money for it is to translate the site also to Arabic, so we would be more inviting also for the Arab speakers in Israel (and hopefully also abroad).

Good luck to you. One piece of advice…never ever use the term “brights”. Whoever came up with that, I’ll be honest, is an idiot. It’s condescending and actually the exact opposite of what SH is all about.

term "brights".
Do help out this country bumpkin, I never heard of 'brights' - how was that arrived at? what does it mean?
term "brights".
Do help out this country bumpkin, I never heard of 'brights' - how was that arrived at? what does it mean?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brights_movement

oh right, google it.
Sounds pretty odd ball.
I’ve come up with a new term to describe my attitude and where I’m coming from - an Earth Centrist.
Since the Earth is the center of our existence, without her evolutionary story none of this would be here, nor we, and so on.
Physical Fact above Ego and self delusion, and all that.