Jew versus Zionist

With the Iran deal in the news, there’s more talk than ever about Israel and Jews. And some threads here discuss Jews undue influence on US policy. I think it’s very important to understand, AND TALK, properly. What’s really being discussed is Zionists, not Jews. For an excellent description of the difference, see the website NKUSA, which evidently can’t be entered into a link in this forum.

You are correct. Zionist are not just part of the Middle East problem. They are most of the problem. The way I view a Zionist is no different than how I view a Nazi except the Nazis were pushing political ideas that are self-serving. Whereas the Zionist fall under the vail of god and have many terrorists ways of thinking.
Islam thinks that if they acquire land, then god says that land should always belong to someone in the Islam faith. The Zionist think that god gave them land and it is their job to reclaim their land. The Zionist home land is from Egypt to north of Damascus.
Which when the Zionist party was formed seem very possible to people in Europe. At the time there were 5M people leaving Germany and 5M arriving at Germany alone. And the country the Zionist were talking about, most of it had never even been mapped. It was thought of as sort of a no man’s land controlled by bandits. The God gave them the land was not with the early Jews. They knew the banker gave them the land.
The traditions of the Zionist and the problems with the Zionist have grown stronger in the last two generations. Many Jews totally disagree with the Zionist in just about everything they do. If the Zionist were not in the picture the Jewish and Palestine people would most likely be living together without war right now.
And these Zionist live in a system that controls every aspect of their life. Male controlled, no schooling, except for controlled religion. No skills, no outside the Zionist contacts. Paid by the state to have children, read the canon and pray.
If the American Jews wanted they could fix the problem overnight and pull these Zionist out of the Dark Ages. So the question is, will the American Jews place more value on the Zionist religious traditions,(that are mostly new tradition made to look old) or the value of people’s lives?