Something so obvious

This was graphically demonstrated to me when the US got Saddam. Suddenly, the people in the Baath party could speak. They joined the party, because if they didn’t, they couldn’t get a job. When Hussein was in power, they said they supported him because if they didn’t, their neighbor’s kid would report them, and they’d disappear.

It’s much easier with this conflict. Speech is fairly free. You can hear the internal opposing voices now.

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The former Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid says if the international media reports the war in Gaza objectively or gives both sides of the story, then it serves Hamas

Hamas want the eradication of Jews from Palestine and Ultra Zionists want the eradication of Palestinians from Palestine or, at least the building of Eretz Israel, the mythic kingdom of Davis.

Don’t tell me that Hamas has modified his chart to recognize Israel, that was in other times, and could have been a tactical move.

What must be understood is that Hamas and Ultra Zionists are the image of each other, with a common aim : to make peace impossible.

Ultra Zionists have made the peace impossible by pursuing the colonization, among other things and submitting Cisjordanie Palestinians to a statute which has been qualified of apartheid.

Hamas committed the murders for this reason and trapped Israel in a catch 22. Either Israel does not retaliate and Hamas scores a big victory, either it retaliates and commits crimes. Namas wins in two ways :grinning:

-Peace is further and hate of Israel is increased
-International public opinion and, specially Muslim public opinion is aroused.

And the other winner is Iran.

War is the continuation of Politics by other means. The only politics of Hamas and Ultra Zionists is the total destruction of the other side. Peace needs a desire.

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You act as if you are talking about a fringe group of zealots on the outskirts of israeli politics. The ultra zionists are the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and every other israeli government before that voted in by the people in the only democracy in the middle east, as our media tells us ad nauseam.

Hamas has moved to the reality of the existence of Israel within 1967 borders so tell me how Israel has moved towards peace since 1948?

The bankruptcy of your words is highlighted by unanswered questions on what should Hamas as the govt in Gaza, do to get to an independent Palestinian state multiplied by what the Palestinians in the West Bank should do to be able to exercise their right for self determination where there is no Hamas ?