Sleep Walking into Dictatorship, USA 2024

What do I know, except for how much this general normalization of lawlessness and contempt for government scares me.

Apr 7, 2024 #January6 #Trump #Politics

The principal author of the Jan 6th committee’s final report, Thomas Joscelyn, and NBC News Presidential historian Michael Beschloss join the Weekend to discuss Trump’s embrace of rioters and how it compares to prior leaders.


It occurred to me that if Trump wins his argument of immunity, then those privileges apply also to the current president Biden, and would immediately become into force.

Which would legally open to President Biden all the legal and illegal avenues Trump claims, and gives Biden the power to assume dictatorship and run the US at his will!

Biden could just order the arrest of Trump and his croonies and then declare the end of his dictatorship and return to the democracy that has served the nation so well.

Problem solved!

Saving democracy!!! :sweat_smile::joy:

That lame attempt at derision is only a result of your ignorance of Martial Law and when it has been appropriately enforced in the US.

Martial Law in Times of Civil Disorder

Martial law involves the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian rule and is usually invoked in time of war, rebellion, or natural disaster.

When martial law is in effect, the military commander of an area or country has unlimited authority to make and enforce laws.

Martial law is justified when civilian authority has ceased to function, is completely absent, or has become ineffective. Further, martial law suspends all existing laws, as well as civil authority and the ordinary administration of justice.

In the United States, martial law may be declared by proclamation of the President or a State governor, but such a formal proclamation is not necessary.

Although the U.S. Constitution makes no specific provision for the imposition of martial law, nearly every State has a constitutional provision authorizing the government to impose martial law. The power of martial law, once held to be nearly absolute, has limitations; for example, civilians may not be tried by military tribunals as long as civilian courts are functional.

Nonetheless, within the bounds of court decisions, a military commander’s authority under martial law is virtually unlimited. Martial law has been declared nine times since World War II and, in five instances, was designed to counter resistance to Federal desegregation decrees in the South.

Although a climate of mutual aid has always existed between the military and civilian law enforcement and should continue to exist, Department of Defense personnel are limited in what they can do to enforce civil law.

Military personnel cannot be used in surveillance or undercover operations, and they may not be used as informants, investigators, or interrogators unless the investigation is a joint military-civilian operation in which the military has an interest in the case’s outcome.

It’s (relative) legitimacy depends on its use to preserve an orderly Constitutional government and to prevent the establishment of a Dictatorial government.

Martial law to save democracy!!! Who else here agrees? Disagrees?

It was agreed upon a long time ago! Read the link!

It’s Law and was instituted to protect the Constitutionally elected Government from armed insurrection, as we recently experienced.

It is a last resort, but an essential power to maintain order in a National crisis.

The difference between Trump and Biden is, that if Trump was president today he would declare Martial law and take the US down into a dictatorship, whereas Biden would only use it to protect our Constitutional democracy.

You said if trump wins immunity case - under the system you say we have to save, then its open for biden to go full dictator by introducing marshall law . You dont mention the november election so that doesnt seem to be of any significance in your equation

There was no irregularity with the November election, Biden was the certified winner.

It was Trump who disputed the results and created the insurrection to prevent the official declaration.

Obviously, you have no clue what Martial Law is, so before you say anything else, learn!

At that time, as President, Trump may have had the authority to declare Martial Law, but he didn’t do anything because the unlawful insurrection was Trump’s own making!

Today, only Biden, as the duly elected President has the authority to declare National Martial Law. Trump is no longer President and has no right to make any decisions on the State of the Nation.

You say he must after trump wins immunity case if that happens

No I didn’t say that.

OK, dedede, you’re going back to your old ways of making unsupported statements.

If it would have applied then, under a Trump presidency, it would apply today under Biden’s presidency. It would not alter anything else, except that Trump would not go to prison for past misdeeds.

I thought you said it hinges on trumps immunity case

Yes, but Trump will not win. Either way, it matters not. Today Biden is the legitimate President and holds the ultimate power of Commander In Chief and holding it wisely so far.

How do you know this? How can anyone know one way or the other?

The evidence is overwhelming and so far DOJ has performed in accordance with law.

Show this overwhelmingly evidence that trump will lose

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Follow the court cases

What about the court cases? Whats the overwhelming evidence?

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On this issue, as much as i regret it, i must side with Dadada

There is no strong evidence that Trump will not be reelected.

He has used the Court case to play victim, and his followers have followed.

After the 6th of January, most US citizens condemned the attack and believed Trump guilty. Opinion has softened.

Once, Trump said that he could walk on 5th avenue, during daylight, kill someone and escape any consequences.

[Poll: Majority believes Jan. 6 was attack on democracy]

I don’t regret because it is Dadada who says that Trump could be reelected, i regret because the idea that Trump could be reelected makes me very afraid and sad.

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Watch the news from the courts, not rumor mills. The court cases have just begun.

Tracking the Trump criminal cases

A definitive guide to the key players and legal risks in the four criminal probes of Donald Trump.

By POLITICO STAFF | 6/13/2023 1 AM PDT | Updated 4/15/2024 4:41 AM PDT

For the first 234 years of the nation’s history, no American president or former president had ever been indicted. That changed in 2023. Over a five-month span, former President Donald Trump was charged in four criminal cases. Together, the indictments accuse him of wide-ranging criminal conduct before, during and after his presidency. This is POLITICO’s up-to-the-minute guide to the four Trump criminal cases.

more … Tracking the Trump criminal cases: Latest on legal charges and key players

I heard one report, no data, that said some people might change their vote if Trump is convicted. I don’t call that overwhelming evidence.