Republican Party going to war against America

Donald Trump loyalists are now targeting the FBI with threats and violence. Truth Social users in particular have doxxed–sharing their sensitive, personal information online–the judge and FBI agent involved in the Mar-a-Lago search warrant. Tiffany Cross in for Joy Reid and our panel bring you their expert analysis of these developments on The ReidOut on MSNBC.

Scary stuff.

Now what?

I got a feeling Truth Social might be a way scarier, more powerful thing because it’s a private club of the most extreme, listening to chats from the most extreme vandal in American politics, herr trump and man out to destroy our government as we know it.

Democratic voters need to learn it don’t pay to under estimate these hateful ruthless clowns. You gotta rise up, wake and shout, explain to them we all belong here and we got way more serious stuff to deal with. If we aren’t changing minds we are losing.

Oh regarding that Devin Nunes:

A judge in a U.S. District Court in Florida, where TMTG operates, ruled Monday that the company must offer up the information surrounding Nunes’ employment for the magazine company. The order to release documents surrounding the California Republican’s hiring at the Trump Technology and Media Group, TMTG, is one of several legal setbacks Nunes has suffered since leaving political office.

MTG is spot on with her call for defunding the FBI but for nefarious reasons. Where are the so called leftists in this space?

Martial Law. Just for awhile until all insurrectionists are in jail and normal is restored.

If Dems institute mazrtial law, it is one more step to dictatorship.

Any ultra right who comes to power will use it, and not do defend democracy.

I considered that and that does not automatically follow. We have had many occasions where martial law was temporarily invoked.

Martial law in the United States

Throughout history, martial law has been imposed at least 68[3] times in limited, usually local areas of the United States. Martial law was declared for these reasons: Twice for war or invasion, seven times for domestic war or insurrection, eleven times for riot or civil unrest, 29 times for labor dispute, four times for natural disaster and fifteen times for other reasons.[[3]]

(Martial law in the United States - Wikipedia) Habeas corpus was suspended federally only once in 1863 during the Civil War.[3]

Natural disasters, a potential threat of sabotage or nuclear. Anytime when there is a state of chaos that falls outside the purview of local police, the State or the Fed can call up the military to maintain order on a temporary basis.

The problem occurs when Martial Law becomes a permanent state, as in the book 1984, when the country is in an imaginary permanent state of war and under autocratic Martial law.

This person says martial law under trump bad and martial law under biden good

Yes, because under Trump martial law would be permanent and Trump would be dictator for life , just like Putin. I just told you that Russia is under martial law and any protester gets arrested and jailed.

I was suggesting martial law, not for peaceful protesting, but when people start violence , such as attacking the Nation’s Capitol when it is in session and people start dying…difference.

Do you actually read what other people write, other than rumors and innuendos?

I do and its quite entertaining. What would you marshall law actually look like in practice? How would you know when the right time is for it to be lifted?

It is properly spelled as Martial law.
Read wiki;

Martial law in the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(Martial law in the United States - Wikipedia)

Martial law in the United States refers to times in United States history in which in a region, state, city, or the whole United States was placed under the control of a military body. On a national level, both the US President and the US Congress have the power, within certain constraints, to impose martial law since both can be in charge of the militia. In each state, the governor has the power to impose martial law within the borders of the state.[1] In the United States, martial law has been used in a limited number of circumstances, such as New Orleans during the Battle of New Orleans; after major disasters, such as the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, or during riots, such as the Omaha race riot of 1919 or the 1920 Lexington riots; local leaders declared martial law to protect themselves from mob violence, such as Nauvoo, Illinois, during the Illinois Mormon War, or Utah during the Utah War; or in response to chaos associated with protests and rioting, such as the 1934 West Coast waterfront strike, in Hawaii after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and during the Civil Rights Movement in response to the Cambridge riot of 1963.
Martial law in the United States - Wikipedia

It would be lifted when the crisis has passed.

Its another non answer

No, you have the wrong understanding of the term. I just gave it to you and you just dismiss it instead of thinking and learning the meaning and intent of that law.

If you want to learn more. read the entire wiki entry. I am not going to be your personal encyclopedia…, understood?

You may begin by learning the term “habeas corpus” and what it means.

How would you know when the right time would be to lift the temporary imposition of YOUR Marshall Law ??

When order has been restored and the local authorities can manage the situation.
In a democracy, it is never ONE person who declares Martial law or lifts it.
In a democracy, all major decisions are made by consensus of the people’s representatives. That’s the difference between democracy and autocracy or theocracy or dictatorship.

That sounds so vague and unconvincing. And you havent described what your marshall law looks like in term of what i can and cant do.



Martial law can be in the form of military assistance to the civilian government in times of natural disaster or insurrection.

Martial law is the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian government in an emergency. In the United States, government officials have invoked martial law during war, labor disputes, natural disasters, and in times of civil unrest.

While lacking authority to unilaterally declare martial law, under the Insurrection Act the President has limited authority to deploy troops to suppress a domestic rebellion and enforce federal law. (10 U.S.C. §§ 251 to 253 (2020).) But federal troops deployed pursuant to the Insurrection Act are a supplement to civilian government, not a replacement. President John F. Kennedy invoked the Insurrection Act in 1962 and 1963 to send federal troops to Mississippi and Alabama to enforce civil rights laws.
What Happens During Martial Law? |

Are we done with this?

Would there be a curfew and my movements restricted ? Please answer

Would my freedom to associate be curtailed? Please answer

I don’t think martial law should never happen, but I do think we need gun control and the Proud Boys, as well as other such groups who were involved in 1/6 be arrested and sent to prison. I also think such groups should not only be on the extremist lists, but also made illegal.

I’m more in line with Mriana here.
I can’t imagine why Martial Law is called for.
Nor what good could come of it.

… other than give the real crazies a chance to start unloaded their weapons, then all bets are off.