Let’s see if this can compete with beating dead horses :coolsmirk:
"Why the Mystery About Women’s Orgasms?" … Some of this variation, without a doubt, comes down to partner skill and motivation to please. On the Polynesian island of Mangaia, for example, all women report having orgasms during sex. It’s unlikely that Mangaian women are anatomically different from the rest of womankind, on average, and their boundless pleasure has perhaps more to do with the fact that their culture places a great emphasis on men sexually pleasing their women. Women in 18th century Britain probably had a pretty good time too since back then men were very keen for women to enjoy sex and the reason came from a medical misunderstanding; They actually thought it was essential for a woman to climax, just like it is for a man, in order to conceive a child. The woman’s orgasm was thought to be responsible for releasing the seed that would then be fertilized by the man’s seed. You know it makes perfect sense. ...
Science screws up another good thing :-/ Did you know the are 11 different types of female orgasms? Heck we just have two: relief - loving awesome
"Which sex wins is a question of supply and demand" "Is skinny really just a fashion choice?" "Disney has worked out what makes women really angry" "Men! Your Biological Clock is Ticking"
Just saying there's a world of fun science stuff out there. DM, where are you when we need you to liven up the scene