Sex and gender and science

I can’t remember which thread got into a discussion of human males evolving into hunters, but this is a great study on that. Talks about the myths around gender too.

I have read the same. I think i gave a reference somewhere.

grave findings confirm it.

Good article. Doesn’t explain the later evolved male-dominated societies, does it?

Male domination appears to be social evolution, not physical. Our big brains are evolving ideas.

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Scientists and historians have known for a long time that some women hunted sometimes, and the division of labor is not exactly 50/50. That doesn’t change the fact that generally men have always hunted far more often than women, and women have gathered far more often than men.

Partly, but let’s not forget that culture is downstream from biology.

Diana, goddess of the hunt.

Where did you get those facts? The article is saying that’s not what the facts are. It gives the example, " But Man the Hunter’ s contributors often ignored evidence". That’s what you’re doing.

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The fact that some researchers ignored evidence doesn’t negate the division of labor idea.

This is related to the work cited in the OP, seems worth adding.

Challenging prehistoric gender roles: Research finds that women were hunters, too

by Hilary Douwes, University of Delaware - OCTOBER 20, 2023

. . . But that story’s not true, according to research by University of Delaware anthropology professor Sarah Lacy, which was recently published in Scientific American and in two papers in the journal American Anthropologist.

“People found things in the past and they just automatically gendered them male and didn’t acknowledge the fact that everyone we found in the past has these markers, whether in their bones or in stone tools that are being placed in their burials. We can’t really tell who made what, right? We can’t say, ‘Oh, only males flintknap,’ because there’s no signature left on the stone tool that tells us who made it,” Lacy said, referring to the method by which stone tools were made. “But from what evidence we do have, there appears to be almost no sex differences in roles.”

The team also examined the question of whether anatomical and physiological differences between men and women prevented women from hunting. They found that men have an advantage over women in activities requiring speed and power, such as sprinting and throwing, but that women have an advantage over men in activities requiring endurance, such as running. Both sets of activities were essential to hunting in ancient times.

The team highlighted the role of the hormone estrogen, which is more prominent in women than men, as a key component in conferring that advantage. Estrogen can increase fat metabolism, which gives muscles a longer-lasting energy source and can regulate muscle breakdown, preventing muscles from wearing down. Scientists have traced estrogen receptors, proteins that direct the hormone to the right place in the body, back to 600 million years ago.

“When we take a deeper look at the anatomy and the modern physiology and then actually look at the skeletal remains of ancient people, there’s no difference in trauma patterns between males and females, because they’re doing the same activities,” Lacy said. . . .

More information: Sarah Lacy et al, Woman the hunter: The archaeological evidence, American Anthropologist (2023). DOI: 10.1111/aman.13914

Cara Ocobock et al, Woman the hunter: The physiological evidence, American Anthropologist (2023). DOI: 10.1111/aman.13915

Yes, and no.
Also very context dependent. We talking America as a whole, what about other countries and cultures, and times?

Everywhere, of course. Anthropology is not the study of only some humans.

Yes, there is a division of labor, but this division is socially determined, not by genetics.

It is mostly biological. Men and Women are basically too different to act like one another, but we can sometimes overlap.

Hmmm, sure men and women do act differently, and they tend to approach problems differently. Often handling stress and challenges better than men
It’s that very difference that turns out to help woman do better than men in some jobs.

I imagine you might come up with some snippy comment about the list, but that would only show that you miss the point. You come up with these melodramatic snearing over-simplifications. An ounce of truth doesn’t not a pound of honesty make.

Men and Women React Differently to Stress | Sheba Medical Center.

… In sum, personal connection is often a big part of female stress management. According to the American Psychological Association, this ability to connect with others may be the reason why women are more likely to take charge of their stress and manage it.

Bridging the gap between men and women

“First of all, realize that the differences are natural and inevitable, and try to enjoy all worlds!” advises Brunner.

By applying the “fight” reaction, men can respond to stress with a high level of practicality. On the other hand, women are well equipped to calm, share, relieve loneliness and offer support during times of distress. In a relationship, each gender must understand and respect the unique needs of the other. For example, the woman should honor the “fleeing” man’s need for silence, while the man should respect the woman’s need for an embrace and physical touch

“To succeed in the complicated task of overcoming the differences between men and women, supportive communication and personal, open discourse is absolutely necessary,” said Brunner.

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Oh and that doesn’t even touch on how many powerful accomplished “great” men, had driven decisive wives as their backbone. Science and politics is choke full of women who were screwed out of their dues, thanks to exactly the kind of entitle sexism Guy’s words demonstrate so well.

Yeah, that fits with my point – men and women are suited for different things. And those things are almost always true to the traditional sex roles.

Yes and now.

Physically, you are mostly right. Average men are stronger and it makes a difference for sports as tennis or golf.

I would say that, usually, men and women have different advantages to achieve the same aim.

But traditional gender roles ares strongly defined by culture and history rather than by nature.

Now men have testosterone. It means not only strength but desire to compete, physically . And that gave them an advantage when roles were defined.