Secular Survey

Just took the survey

Pretty simple. A couple open ended questions at the end even.


took it

It’s for US citizens only, so I can’t take it.

Took it. Don’t think I helped much. I’m pretty much not social at all and self employed with no employees. It was obvious that some of the questions did not have me in mind, so the answers weren’t quite right.

Thanks for the support. Not sure what will come of it.

Actually Widdershins, I got the sense that they were specifically interested in the level of isolation of secular individuals. The lack of organizations that combine social life with community engagement is an issue.

I go that same impression, which is why I didn’t think they were thinking of my specific circumstance. I am in a small community and don’t advertise my beliefs, though I am always honest if anyone asks. I don’t use social media and I don’t get out a lot. I’ve never been a partier and I spent 10 years picking up kids from daycare right after work and going straight home to do the dad thing while my wife worked second shift, so I just don’t get out a lot. I know of only 5 like-minded people in my area and they don’t really count because I married 1 of them and we made the other 4. I hang out with 3 of them daily. The other 2 are off to college. So yeah, I’m probably “isolated”, but not because of my beliefs.

Thoughtful questions, with good answer options. And LESS than 5 minutes!


I would be interested in seeing results…