Hi There

Hi. Just wanted to introduce myself. Love CFIs site. Looking forward to some interesting discussions.

Welcome aboard, Stacy.

Welcome Stacy. And, I’m looking forward to reading your ideas.

I’m a social scientist not a philosopher or a hard scientist. So my ideas may not be all that original or noteworthy, but I do my best.
I’m pretty happy to find a place where I can openly and freely be atheistic though. Often I wish America was less freaking religious. Or, if it has to be religious, why couldn’t America be predominantly Buddhist instead of Christian- one of the two worst religions out there, IMO. The primacy of religion makes me reluctant to speak my views at work (private college very supportive of Christianity). So, yay, glad to be here and thanks for taking me in. :slight_smile:

Hey, everyone thinks s/he’s a social scientist. It’ll be great to have a real one here. :slight_smile:
(And I believe we already have quite a few psychologists and a few sociologists.)
I agree about Christianity and Islam, but who knows, maybe the universal insertion of the Internet can weaken or even wipe them out in the next generation or two.