Big Gods

An interesting take on some of the same ground covered in the book Sapiens. This is the type of research I was talking about with Dr. Hansen. If he is really interested in these questions, he doesn’t need to start a foundation, he could just find others who are doing work like this. I’ll add some notes later.

If I had been able to find any, I would not have launched the foundation. -- DRH
So now you launched it, and now you've found a PhD who is talking about what you are talking about, and he refers to some others. I mentioned the EdX course earlier and I didn't see much acknowledgment of that either.

I didn’t mean to tell the good @drhansenjr to go away. I was hoping that I could expand his horizons a bit and his input could add to what’s already hear. I didn’t have a problem with his posts, other than they were a bit lengthy.

I didn’t mean to tell the good @drhansenjr to go away.
Hmmm? Where does that come from?

You haven’t been exactly open armed, you’ve been a little critical, but ain’t that what discussion forums are about? Don’t we bring up our babies to be challenged, or does every one expect strokes instead. I do know it’s become quite the fashion to feel attacked and insulted anytime anyone brings up facts and ideas that are contrary to one’s beliefs - but that’s stupid and self-destructive in the long run, since we live in a community and not only within our own heads.