Salman Rushdie hurt

Writer Salman Rushdie was injured by an assailant while attempting to give a lecture in the western New York town of Chautauqua just before 11 a.m. local time on Friday morning.

A reporter for the Associated Press news agency witnessed a man throw himself on the writer in the auditorium of the Chautauqua Institution before the start of the event.

Apparently he attacked Rushdie with a knife.

The writer fell to the ground, the attacker was overpowered.

[Attack during lecture: Apparently knife attack on Salman Rushdie - Teller Report]

[VIDEO: British author Salman Rushdie suffers stab wound in neck after attack on stage in New York state - GulfToday]

He’s not just hurt… He’s been in surgery most the time since then. He was stabbed in the neck AND abdomen.

The second video has an update:

His doctor was on site, thank goodness, but I’m still on the edge of my seat wondering if he’s going to be OK. Humans are really sick.

Oh my! :cry: Another update says:

Blockquote Rushdie’s agent, Andrew Wylie, told the Associated Press that the writer was on a ventilator, with damage to his liver and nerves in an arm. He also said Rushdie will likely lose an eye.

That’s according to this:|40A9BE970430370BE0530100007F8544

He’s going to live, but not without damage to his liver and an eye. I didn’t post the article that said he was stabbed 10 times, but I will post this one to let everyone know he’s going to be OK.

Very good news. Well, half good at least, as he is alive.

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Watch the dog piling on iran by the media war machine

Iran was the one who may have instigated it by placing a bounty on Rushdie’s head a few years ago. This is why Rushdie went in to exile and the U.S. gave him asylum. He thought he could go back to a normal life after all these years. Guess not.

At first the attack on Rushdie seems like one of those demented, crazy attacks by a crazy person, but is there a rationality to his actions? Let’s be clear, such an attack is pure evil, uncivilized & reprehensible

But to understand his actions we take a look at the harshness of life - the vast majority of humans still live lives that are “poor, nasty, brutish and short” to quote Hobbes. We ALL want the good, rich life - to live in the big house, the big car, money to spend, few worries or cares but those are hard to come by. No one GIVES you anything down here, we want something? We must work hard, sacrifice, give up so much, fight like hard and such a success is EARNED!

Many give up and some turn to Crime - easy to steal - stores have been robbed of thousands of dollars within a few seconds. Trusted business associates have ran away with the company’s funds

Others turn to rich Sugar Daddies to GIVE them the good life - the prostitute, Gigolo, the leech, the parasite. The Oligarchs who unconditionally supported the likes of Putin have been amply rewarded. Their qualification for such a grand life? Their unwavering support of Putin & singing his praises, that’s it! One can see that if one is willing to drop all morals and values such a good life is far easier to obtain

And it is such people that religions target - “there is a nice God in the sky, all he asks is for you to believe he exists, support him unconditionally and you will be amply rewarded with the pleasures of the flesh for eternity! You can run away & hide from all this pain & suffering” And all such grand promises made without even a scintilla of evidence! ZERO! NADA! Such is their pitch and one would think any intelligent person would see thru this but amazingly even the best of minds fall for this tactic

Such a wonderful life is NOT EARNED, but GIVEN - you can see how tempting this must be - “all we have to do is join the religion and sing his praises and we are on the path to a life of pleasure and ease!” Especially if one is a failure in life - if one lacks the mental capacity for hard work - this is way too easy, right? “Just sing his praises and be a willing slave and the easy good life is mine!” The easy lazy way to the easy lazy life of wonderful comfort for eternity! No more worries of life - bad bosses, making ends meet, job losses, health issues, evil people, drugs, wars…the list is endless!

And just like Putin’s supporters understand that any threat to Putin is a threat to the rich life they lead & so are more than willing to rape, torture and kill anyone deemed a threat to him, followers of such religions are also more than willing to eliminate those that are deemed a threat, that speak ill of their benefactor

Hence the mockery of Science and actions like this - “Rushdie dared to question the great benefactor, for that he must be punished and if we do so, Master will be pleased and reward us even more!”

And as the globe warms and the climate changes for the worse with millions displaced, food and water becoming scarcer, more and more will turn to such cheap religious promises and we might see more of such attacks

Such actions are the result of human greed and weakness and the frightening silence of the educated, the moral and the media

People should be allowed write and publish what they want without fear. Which, of course, brings us to Assange.

@vanamali your topic was merged because a topic on him was already started.

My topic was about why Rushdie was attacked, a rational explanation for it - a totally different topic - just because the name Rushdie was mentioned in both does not make the topics the same!

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Nah, Rushdie is a marginal figure in America. And the assailant has no connection to Iran.

I for one totally agree with vanamali - I believe that decision is worth reconsidering and perhaps reversing.


Continuing the discussion from Attack on Rushdie - a Rational explanation:

Reminds me of Saddam’s fall from grace.

Reading that list of Putin and cronies, reminded of trump and the one percents - starting with the Murdoch propaganda faux news networks -the one’s who’d been working on dismantling the American dream of freedom and pluralism - in favor an oligarch run machine dedicated to profiteering.

It’s still about Rushdie and what happened to him, so my decision stands.

The frightening thing for me is that the the very same people who mock Trump, who see Putin as evil, who call his supporters pure scum turn around praising the Lord(Putin) when the name is changed to God! That’s truly frightening!

The very same people who proudly point to everything the own and say nothing was GIVEN, everything was EARNED, nod blindly when religion says heaven cannot be Earned, it can only be given and only if you have the right contacts
Just like how things get done in Corrupt countries where knowing the right people pays off! In this case knowing the “right God” pays off!

The very same people who talk of working hard, earning a honest living, pulling their own weight, never taking a hand-out or a charity now are more than willing to live on hand-outs from God in Heaven. Not one asks what does one DO in Heaven? What value do we add in Heaven? Why is God running a Retirement Home for billions shamelessly sponging off him?

Not even Atheists ask such questions! Even Atheists seem brainwashed by “There is no God”, “there is no evidence for God” and this is all we will talk about

I plead guilty as, for me, there is no Heavens.

But, in fact, this is not fully true. When you ask Christians, they will tell you that the resurrected will leave an eternal life of bliss in the presence of the divinity. Atheists have joked for a long time about that and the eternal boredom it means.

and Christians have answered :slight_smile:

[heaven's boring - Google Search]

The algorithm favors the pro-christian answer.

These same people praise Liz Cheney and would be over the moon if she were to be Democrats president in 2024

The way I see it, we have our Dotard Repugs (Dumpster people), Chaney Repugs, Corporate Dems, and Democratic Socialistic Dems. As for Putin, PLEASE! He’s nothing but another Dic[tator] in bed with the dotard. Lastly, there is no god, except in the minds of humans. One more thing, if Liz ran for the Dems to be president, that will be the first time in my life I do not vote Dem. I’d go over to the Democratic Socialist party, see who’s running and do a write in vote if I have to.

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Cook on Rushdie

Cook makes the point that the Satanic Verses novelist is championed by western liberals not because he has bravely articulated difficult truths but because of who his enemies are

By Jonathan Cook /

[First published by Mint Press]

NOTHING I am about to write should be read as diminishing in any way my sympathy for Salman Rushdie, or my outrage at the appalling attack on him. Those who more than 30 years ago put a fatwa on his head after he wrote the novel “The Satanic Verses” made this assault possible. They deserve contempt. I wish him a speedy recovery.

But my natural compassion for a victim of violence and my regularly expressed support for free speech should not at the same time blind me or you to the cant and hypocrisy generated by his stabbing on Friday, just as he was about to give a talk in a town in Western New York.

British prime minister Boris Johnson said he was “appalled that Sir Salman Rushdie has been stabbed while exercising a right we should never cease to defend”. His Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, one of the last two contenders for Johnson’s crown, concurred, describing the novelist as “a champion of free speech and artistic freedom”.

Across the Atlantic, President Joe Biden stressed Rushdie’s qualities: “Truth. Courage. Resilience. The ability to share ideas without fear… We reaffirm our commitment to those deeply American values in solidarity with Rushdie and all those who stand for freedom of expression.”

The truth is that the vast majority of those claiming this as an attack not only on a prominent writer but on Western society and its freedoms, have been missing in action for the past several years as the biggest threat to those freedoms unfolded. Or, in the case of Western government leaders, they have actively conspired in the undermining of those freedoms. Continued

Do you ever source reliable sources? This is an opinion site, not a reliable source.

“Why WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange matters more than you think” Why WikiLeaks' Julian Assange matters more than you think

Rushdie didn’t obtain any documents illegally. Michael usually leaves out details like that. Assange is not forgotten either. He remains a thorn in the side.

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