Russian invasion to open a new chapter' in NATO history

And everyone has a right to not respond

You keep saying that, but let’s say I don’t know and you do. Wouldn’t the next step be for you say what you know, instead of saying I don’t. If not, what is your reason for coming here?

I know that bloomberg has just come out with the ruble being the best performing currency in the world for the year

From that link, " Strategists say the rally isn’t credible as many currency-trading shops have stopped dealing in the ruble on the grounds that its value seen on monitors is not the price it can be traded at in the real world."

Difficult, isn’t it?

It is quite remarkable!! From the article

“Still, the irony of the ruble performing so well while at war is remarkable, especially as other countries that imposed capital controls in the recent past have not achieved the same results. Turkey and Argentina tried similar measures when they faced a horde of sellers in the past few years with disastrous consequences for the lira and the peso, which reached fresh all-time lows and never recovered.”

The warnings stand, peacenotwar. Please read the rules. Not arguing with mods is one of the rules.

I also know the reality of the situation in eastern ukraine and its not good for ukraine

NYT was in your list of sources that you said were liars.

I’m fine with both of these links. They have balance. I didn’t pull out the quote to say “I’m right”, I pulled it out to show that reporting often includes more than one opinion. It should have subtlety and nuance.

There is no opinion - the brute fact is its the best performing currency when the sanctions were sold to the western people that it would have the opposite effect.

As for the NYT, its the sinking reality that what has been reported over the war months to american people doesnt fit when people see pictures of russian flags all over eastern ukraine

Alright. I’m getting a picture of how you form your point of view. I find it extreme, my opinion. Now, if you can express yourself without insulting others, that would be great. Occasional expressions like “are you nuts” are fine, as long as you are also providing something that shows you have reasons for taking your stand.

Mikeyohe is an example of someone who has contrary opinions, but he shows his work. He concludes that Putin would act some way or another based on reasoning that I find flawed, he gets facts wrong, but he doesn’t make 5 posts in an hour that say nothing except how other people are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about.

Never insulted anyone never called anyone stupid and never said to someone they dont know what you talking about

Okay, so this is where you define this 1 , 2, 3, 4 , 5 , 6, 7, 8 - and then explain why you believe said conclusion is baloney.

You don’t need to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.
Decimate, look it up.

By Bloomberg News

Published On 24 Mar 202224 Mar 2022

Russia is set to erase 15 years of economic gains by the end of 2023 after its invasion of Ukraine spurred a multitude of sanctions and prompted companies to pull out of the country, according to the Institute of International Finance.

The economy is expected to contract 15% in 2022, followed by a decline of 3% in 2023, leaving gross domestic product where it was about fifteen years ago, economists Benjamin Hilgenstock and Elina Ribakova wrote in a preliminary assessment of the impact of the war, noting that further sanctions may change their view.
I appreciate my limited information base, which is why I’m interested in seeing more information where I can find it.

Incidentally, what qualification do you have for pretending to be an expert. You don’t share your sources for what you believe. Have you ever been to Ukraine or Russia?


You must be joking.


South Korea

It is simply a military alliance.

[quote=“thatoneguy, post:33, topic:9449”]
You must be joking.

And are they now US occupied territory? Read before you jump the gun.

South Korea

Burden Sharing:Benefits and Costs Associated with the U.S. Military Presence in Japan and South Korea

The United States has over 80,000 troops deployed in Japan and South Korea. We found that U.S. forces help strengthen alliances, promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region, provide quick response to emergencies, and are essential for U.S. national security.

The United States incurs costs to achieve these benefits. From 2016 through 2019, the Department of Defense spent roughly $20.9 billion in Japan and $13.4 billion in South Korea to pay military salaries, construct facilities, and perform maintenance. The governments of Japan and South Korea also provided $12.6 billion and $5.8 billion, respectively, to support the U.S. presence.

Marines from the Republic of Korea Train with U.S. Marines in Pohang, South Korea
U.S. troops training in South Korea.

Why the United States Controls Guantanamo Bay

The story of Guantanamo goes back more than a century, to the time of the Spanish-American War. And, during that time, it’s been, as it is now, a source of controversy.

Until 1898, Cuba had belonged to Spain; as the Spanish empire diminished, Cubans fought for their independence. The U.S. joined in to help its neighbor and, though the Spanish-American War ended up focused mainly on the Spanish presence in the Philippines, Cuba was the site of the sinking of the USS Maine , the event that precipitated American military involvement. (Remember “Remember the Maine “? That’s this.) When the war ended, Spain gave the U.S. control of Cuba — among other territories, like Puerto Rico — and, about three years later, Cuba became an independent nation.

And later after confiscating all US held properties and businesses, Cuba started installing “offensive” missiles 775 miles from US territory as proxy for Russia.

I think you will have to read a little deeper than a kneejerk reaction to a headline that accuses the US of hostile occupation. That’s what Russia does.

The same thing with NATO. Any NATO military presence is at the request of the country that seeks protection from expansionist countries like Russia and Iraq and Islamic Califates.

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Kind of the classic excuse, isn’t it? NATO is white people saying they will defend the other white people.

Well, there are mostly white countries within the North Atlantic boundaries. But I am absolutely sure NATO does have a sizable and varied racial mix. In fact, the western militaries are probably the most integrated organizations on earth.

But I am glad you used the keyword of “defence” in that sentence. NATO is a defensive alliance and lays no claim to any specific territory other than at the request of and assigned by the participating countries and their governments.
And AFAIK, even then it is on a rotating basis .

Most Japanese, South Koreans and Cubans don’t want US bases on their soil. It’s as simple as that.

What some individuals want means nothing. They have no clue about world politics.
Their governments want the US there because there is safety in US presence. The US government does not seek to expand US territory. It seeks friendly trading partners and a world at peace.

It’s obvious that Russia’s attempt to scare Europe into rejecting NATO is backfiring as more peaceful countries are applying for NATO membership and protection.

We have learned enough from NAZI Germany and Communist Russia to reject those forms of government and to give them any chance to take by force what they cannot have by peace.

We have people here that do want an Autocracy like Russia and are very loud about it. But the majority of the US population and the US government are not inclined to follow that path into barbarism.

Pope Frances is very clear with his thoughts on NATO

Exactly what has he said? Please provide links to his statements too.