Republicans need a lesson

By now you’ve all heard of the case of the Missouri Health Department forcing Planned Parenthood doctors to perform medically unnecessary pelvic exams on any woman exercising her legal right to an abortion. For anyone who doesn’t know, a pelvic exam is an invasive, horrible procedure, which is sometimes medically necessary, including on the day of a surgical abortion, which would easily constitute a “rape” when forced on an unwilling woman.

This is not the first time Republicans have tried such a law or rule requiring women to be medially raped if they choose to get an abortion, but it needs to be the last. Republicans in Virginia a few years ago tried to pass a similar law requiring a “transvaginal ultrasound”, having essentially the same affect, just with a piece of medical equipment instead of the doctor’s fingers. Public blowback killed that bill before it was passed.

In Missouri, however, the rule did come down from the Health Department and Planned Parenthood doctors were forced to essentially rape over 100 women before they simply refused to comply with the law any more and Republicans, again facing public blowback, eventually dropped it. But the damage is done and now somebody needs to pay for that.

Republicans now need to pay for the forced rapes of over 100 women, forcing doctors at Planned Parenthood to be unwilling participants in those rapes and forcing staff at Planned Parenthood to unwillingly facilitate and witness those rapes. I not only hope these women, the doctors and the staff all sue the hell out of the stated for the emotional trauma they were all put through, what I really hope is the criminal charges are brought against everyone involved in making this the law. You DO NOT get to punish people for doing something legal. You DO NOT get to say, “You want an abortion because you were raped? Well, you’re going to get raped again as the price of getting an abortion.” This was not only an egregious violation of the rights of these women, the doctors and the staff, it was criminal mandated rape and someone, especially Randall Williams, Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services who enacted the rule, and Gov. Mike Parson, who defended it as being “necessary”, needs to go to prison for this.

Let me put that plainly. If we do not SEND THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE TO PRISON, Republicans will do this again and again and again because, in their messed up little heads, it’s okay to force a woman to endure a medical rape for exercising her legal rights, and it’s okay to force doctors to medically rape women. Because that’s what it is when you require a doctor to perform a medically unnecessary, extremely invasive medical procedure involving sticking things inside of you. If there is no reason to perform the procedure then IT IS A RAPE! If people don’t go to prison for this it will continue to happen. We need to send a very clear message to Republicans. It’s okay to try to change the law, but it is NEVER okay to mandate the mass rape of women you disagree with!

That makes very good sense. I wonder if the ACLU would take on these women as clients to, at least, sue the state of Missouri and the officials involved. And to also file rape charges with the police.

Nothing will change unless private money is banned from political and electoral processes.


Sure they need a lesson … they just don’t care about it, cause wht matters in politics in the USA is money and nothing else.

I’m sure the ACLU would represent the women, the doctors and the clinic employees, all of whom were subjected to extreme mental stress because of this.

But that won’t help. It’s the state’s money, not theirs. We need a deterrent to make sure this never happens again. It is already HIGHLY illegal to force someone to be subjected to sexual assault. When Larry Nasser performed medically unnecessary pelvic exams it was a sexual assault, so it’s already settled law that unnecessary pelvic exams are sexual assault. There’s no new ground to break here. The Missouri Department of Health ordered that medically unnecessary pelvic exams be performed, medically unnecessary pelvic exams are sexual assault, therefore the Missouri Department of Health ordered the sexual assault of over 100 women. They’ve tried it before and, if unchecked, they WILL try it again. Someone needs to go to prison for this because Republicans apparently don’t care about the difference between right and wrong unless they might have to personally pay for it.

Well how about the Dept of Justice, then? Couldn’t they hold the Missouri Dept of Health responsible for the crimes of rape?

(If we had a Dept of Justice, I mean.)