Republicans are Pro-choice right?

Received a flyer in the mail for some local republican running for office. His second bullet point was that he was pro-2nd amendment and pro-personal liberty. Great. So how can a party that’s supposedly all about personal liberty (Keep your hands off my guns) be against the ultimate personal liberty - the choice of control over one’s own body? You’d think they’d be all for abortion rights and yet they’re not. Either there’s some rationalization they make, or they’re seriously just too stupid to see the contradiction. Or I’m missing something. Anyone have any incite into how these people square those two apparently opposite beliefs?

That’s not unusual : Some people are pro-life, and translates that in an anti-abortion stance, but are staunch defenders of the death penalty.

No I get that. I want to know how it is they can somehow hold two contradictory views.

They are NOT Pro-life. They insist they are, but with all their shouting about gun rights, it’s not about your personal liberties. They don’t care babies, school children, or anyone after they are born. If the woman dies in childbirth, uh, who cares, is their answer, but if the baby dies because a woman has to get an abortion in order to live, they go nuts, like the place is on fire. Not only that, they get a kickback from gun makers and the NRA. When you donate to the GOP, you aren’t donating to the GOP, you are helping the gunmakers and the NRA keep that person, mostly men, in office. That and they pay the GOP to support them. It’s not about your personal liberty. As long as they don’t make any gun regulations, they get paid by the gunmakers and NRA and they don’t care who is killed in the process, but God forbid you have an abortion. If they could, they probably would control you at gunpoint to make sure you vote GOP/the gunmakers and NRA. It’s all about money, not about your definition of the 2nd amendment, which isn’t quite accurate, and it isn’t about life.

The 2nd amendment didn’t have much to do with personal gun ownership, despite popular belief. It was about a well regulated militia, which is the Army, Navy, and other branches of the military. Not your belief that you have a god given right to own a gun.

All of that and they have these social (religious) rules and beliefs that everyone should go by, because their god, that they created, said so. Their god also said everyone must have a gun and kill everyone, but not the fetus.

I’m Pro-choice, pro-gun regulations, and anti-death penalty, which IMO, makes me pro-life.

In Political parties people do not all agree with the same mind set there will be both same in the democratic party. Religious people tend to be republican so there will be more pro life in that party.

No one has answered my question. How is it that they can hold these contradictory beliefs? I know WHAT the beliefs are, who holds them, what they mean etc. I want to know if anyone here has had discussions with these people to find out how they can hold the beliefs. Analogy - group X sees the moon is a circle yet believes it’s flat. Okay how, mentally, do they square that contradiction. I honestly don’t know any die hard Repubs like that so just asking if anyone here does.

It’s the question of the age isn’t it?

The best I can do is that it requires being short sighted. For each thing, apply one answer. So, fetuses, right to life, and guns, right to self-defense.

Trying to put the right to bodily autonomy against the right to “kill” just doesn’t compute. It’s too hard to figure out something that requires science, and has changed over time, like when does life begin, so make it easy, pick conception.

For guns, the right to self-defense is universal and necessary for societies, and once there are any guns, then everyone should have the right to have one. Throw out any argument about types of weapons, and make any regulation a slippery slope to government take over. The weirdest part of this one is when they don’t recognize the need for laws at all, when they apply to guns. Laws are almost always giving up some degree of freedom to increase your own safety, as in, I won’t walk into your house if you agree you can’t walk into mine.

I’ve asked some really smart people to think about what would happen if they used self defense legitimately. They would still have killed someone, and that someone likely has family or friends. If a store owner kills a potential looter, how could they keep their store open? A member of the looting gang would take revenge. They switch it to being a law enforcement issue at that point, not seeing the “violence begets violence” scenario.

Were still transitioning from the old world to this modern world its not going to disappear over night. New ideas take time to become part of society old ideas will be discarded by the general public. Its like evolution.
Its not like evolution it is evolution working in humankind.

Yeah but. Abortion has been around since forever. In some cases, after live birth. In America, things changed when white men wanted to control medicine and created the AMA. Many good things came out of that, but, it also made it difficult for midwifery. They used to counsel women, and perform abortions when necessary. That was about 150 years ago.

The Bible quote you see on billboards is not about life beginning in the womb. It’s a prophet claiming God spoke to him before he was even born. Jeremiah 1:5

Religion is part of evolution and when evolution is ready it will discard it… Like I said you can’t expect a complete change overnight.
People forget were only in this new world about a hundred year which is a split second in our history. Were moving very fast.

Sorry to get a little technical, but evolution can’t be anthropomorphized. For all we know, we are a “disease”. All evolution is mutation, and there is no good or bad in the billion year scheme of things. Our will to survive creates a million options, some of them are destructive to the survival of other living things.

What we are experiencing, is something rare, the ability to reflect, to use language to make choices. Given the scarcity of life in the universe, I wonder if that’s something that has an evolutionary advantage.

I don’t agree with you that life is rare I posted a video of UFOs captured by a US air-force Jet even the pilot said it had to be alien. If those objects are alien it means an alien civilization is near by. We don’t know yet just because we don’t hide our presence they probably do - maybe its like screaming in the jungle and were attracting attention. Our presence has only been announce about 100 light years.

The theory that intelligent species mask their signatures is plausible

Ooh I like that! Such a great point. And for your other post explaining how they do it, ya sounds about right. Can kind of sum it up as they’re strictly black and white thinkers, and liberals are grey thinkers.

The first question asked, “The Republicans are Pro-choice right?” No they aren’t pro-choice. They are anti-choice and pro-death. In the end, they don’t hold contradictory views. They don’t allow women to choose. Repugs are against abortion, which can lead to death for some women if they don’t have one and the love guns, which has been leading to death of the last few years. They don’t allow choice though.

There are different kinds of liberty. Being in favor of one thing does not necessarily equal being in favor of the other thing.

Humans are not really consistent in moral values even on the best days.

Also, I suspect the type of people who are very pro-gun might be less “agreeable” in general.

Obviously they’re not pro-choice. I’m asking how it is they can hold such contradictory beliefs. What’s the mindset of someone who holds contradictory views and how do they rationalize that?

And yes they are contradictory - they want the right to choose whatever guns they want to defend themselves, but the don’t want woman to have the right to choose what they do with their own bodies. Personal liberty when it comes to guns, no personal liberty when it comes to controlling one’s own body. Contradictory.

If you’ve had religion, or just a strong culture trelling your values, then left it, you know how hard it is to build a moral system. It’s much easier to take the answers that others give you.

No, but they are in favour of women dying and children dying after they are born or while they are being born, because they are anti-abortion and pro-gun, as well as pro-death.