Remember the Iran missile strike with "no" US casualties?

I imagine that the troops with TBI are supportive of T rump also. (But they have an excuse. They have brain damage.)

Tim: I imagine that the troops with TBI are supportive of T rump also. (But they have an excuse. They have brain damage.)
I don't think they have a choice if they want to be a part of a credible military force with the US President as Commander in Chief. Given the way, folks are feeling about the lack of integrity in federal government institutions, it may be best to scrap the US military and transfer power back to the states.
TimB replies, Here is just one indicator that you loving CinC may have scammed you>

“… (a) judge has ruled that President Trump must pay $2 million in damages to settle claims that the Trump Foundation misused funds…The case is tied to a televised fundraiser for veterans held by Trump in Iowa when he was running for president in January 2016. Trump had said the funds raised would be distributed to charities. But according to court documents, the Trump Foundation improperly used $2.82 million it received from that fundraiser.
According to the judgment, that money “was used for Mr. Trump’s political campaign and disbursed by Mr. Trump’s campaign staff, rather than by the Foundation“…”

Oneguy, have you forgotten that T rump is a con man, above all else? He has bamboozled vets like yourself in to thinking he loves them. He loves himself and his own power. He is not only in over his head he is in over your head. You defend his ignorance because he has no experience as a health care professional? I imagine there are people available to explain healthcare matters to him. But his poor character makes him a poor student for learning new things.

He cares about the military because it makes him feel ultra powerful. He doesn’t want to get in to major military action because, atm, it is not politically viable. But he is impulsive, and whimsical, and boisterously threatening enough to get us to the cusp of major conflagration. And sooner or later, given the opportunity, he will accidentally get us in to the shiitestorm or some other worse storm.

Seriously, do you think T rump genuinely cares about our soldiers, or vets, or anyone other than himself? (Maybe he cares secondarily about some family members, I guess, but I think that is about it.)

That’s a shame. Sounds like there were some shady campaign workers involved in that fundraiser. It happens.

As for Trump caring about anyone but himself, I think he does.

Trump is a Christian.
He’s a nominal Christian at best. I don’t think he cares one way or the other about religion.

Yeah, Trump doesn’t care about religion anymore than he cares about sushi as long as no one makes Christians feel like unwelcome visitors in their own country. If Trump was a practicing Christian like Pope Francis is, he would never have ordered a missile or drone strike.

Don John loves you this I know, for ThatOneguy tells you so. Trumpublicans to him belong. They are weak but he is strong. Yes Don John loves you. Yes Don John loves you. Yes Don John loves you. ThatOneGuy tells you so.

The total of tbi troops from the Iran missile strike is now 64.

If things had gone a wee bit differently that night, and we had 64 dead troops, instead of 64 brain damaged troops, we would likely be in the midst of a war with Iran, now.

OneGuy, you attribute T rump’s $2.82Million scam of Veterans to “shady campaign workers”. T rump has been the author of many scams, including others that involved charitable funds, which were scams for T rump’s fiduciary benefit. He perpetually seems to have “shady characters” around him.

You have faith in T rump, despite the evidence of his life portraying him as someone not worthy of trust. Your apologies for T rump are reaching the level of a deluded religious follower. Have you been infected with the Trumpublican virus?


If the project is successful, Trump is a brilliant leader. If it fails, some bad hombres on the team screwed it up. That’s not leadership.

Trump is a Christian
You actually believe that? Or simply more cynical play acting?

Lordie, lord, please do cite any Christian Acts trump can be accused of. Would love to see if you can.

New Testament Christian, that is.

Oh and not Me First Prosperity “Christian”.

I'm not a doctor either, but I understand the difference between brain injury and a headache.
Wasn't there some mention of "Traumatic" in there? - Seems to me medical people save that for really special types of injuries.

TOG ought look it up sometime.

The word “traumatic” in the definition of TBI relates to the cause of the brain injury, not the fact that people feel traumatized from their brain injury. And of course, people with strokes or brain illnesses feel just as traumatized as people with TBI. But TBI’s result from external forces such as being hit by a car or bullet or falling off of a ladder or roof top… Strokes, tumors, and brain illnesses are not TBI’s.

So the external force of the intense explosions of missiles are what, in this case, made the brain injuries “traumatic” brain injuries. With TBI’s you can have mild to severe to deadly injuries.

Tim: So the external force of the intense explosions of missiles are what, in this case, made the brain injuries “traumatic” brain injuries. With TBI’s you can have mild to severe to deadly injuries.
The only one among us in this conversation with a modicum of expertise is Oneguy. He is a combat medic for Christ's sake! You folks are so full of yourselves you won't listen to anyone but yourselves.

hmmm, devil is in the details.


Traumatic Brain Injuries and Varying Levels of Intensity

The term brain injury can refer to many types of injuries[1] relating to the brain, skull, and scalp. Possible complications and required treatments will greatly depend on how the injury is acquired, the location of the injury, and the severity of the brain damage.

The following information covers the different types of brain injuries, as well as the different levels of severity of brain injuries. This information is crucial to understanding a personal injury case involving a brain injury since these terms will be used extensively by both doctors and insurance adjusters when handling your case.

Types of TBIs
There are four main types of TBIs. They are the concussion, contusion, penetrating injury, and anoxic brain injury. …

guess TOG’s credibility hasn’t been that impressive.


TOG - FWIW the article says concussions and TBIs but the headline just says TBIs.

TBIs can range from mild to severe and symptoms don’t always show up immediately, so it’s unlikely Trump meant any harm.

trump didn’t mean nothing, sure it’s what he always does.

Opinioned spin - he doesn’t listen to his briefings, he listens to FOXNews for his talking points. The guy is a melodrama queen - excuse us for not being so forgiving for someone who’s doesn’t know the difference between fact and fantasy.

Here’s one to help explain why some feel the way we do about the scumbag we elected president:

Scientists Are Trying to Figure Out Why People Are OK with Trump’s Endless Supply of Lies Researchers have answers—and they don’t bode well for democracy By Rene Chun - November 14, 2019




Veracity of statements by Donald Trump

“Veracity of statements”. Wow, Wikipedia is now anti Trump. I have always used Wiki as my source of info. Never know who to trust for objectivity these days.

Thanks for the alert, Citizen.

Sree, I wouldn’t knock Wiki because they don’t support the dotard. That might make Wiki more accurate than Faux News. No, I wouldn’t call it Fox News because that’s an insult to foxes. Faux News supports the dotard and they are the worst source of news. Faux News spews the dotard’s propaganda, with is a brainwash, almost like a virus. No, I’d say the spread of the dotard’s propaganda is a virus. I won’t watch Faux News because it spews the dotard’s propaganda. There’s better news sources out there, sources that don’t spew the dotard’s propaganda, but then again, they might too since the Repugs made the trial a circus (just as they said they would). It looks as though we have a dictator and Moscow Mitch believes Social Security and Medicare increased the National deficit. It did not. That is a flat out lie because we pay into Social Security and Medicare our whole working lives, but stupid Repugs want to spread lies about it, even steal from it (from us, actually) to pay for their unnecessary wars, instead of giving it back to us, as FDR, a Dem, set it up to do. Because a Dem created it, the Repugs want to destroy it and turn us all in to slaves for life, instead of allowing us to retire. I’ll be damned if I don’t get to retire and start living life at 65. That’s what retirement is for, as shown by my late grandparents and many others, but Repugs want everyone to work until they drop dead on the job, instead of enjoying life the rich greedy corporate owners do. You have no clue as to what is happening here. Either that or you’re an ostrich.

I am not an ostrich, Mriana. Life is tough for most folks. It pains me to see people having to live in their cars because they cannot afford to pay rent for an apartment. What if they have kids to care for too? There is too much poverty here in America, the most powerful economy on earth.

Yes you are. You refuse to see what really is happening in this world because you don’t want to see the bad and do something to change it for the better. However, if you know there is poverty in this world why don’t you do something to change it? Supporting the dotard isn’t going to change those things for the better. It will only make it worse.

Never know who to trust for objectivity these days.
You would if you understood what objectivity meant, but to you, objectivity is in the eye of the beholder, and since you drink, everyone does, that's "your experience".
The only one among us in this conversation with a modicum of expertise is Oneguy. He is a combat medic for Christ’s sake! You folks are so full of yourselves you won’t listen to anyone but yourselves.
But truth is in the eye of the beholder according to you Sree. How can there be anyone who has "expertise"? What does it mean to know the facts of something?

You are not just an internet troll, it is your way of life. When you want, there are facts and someone is wrong, but, if that’s not working, then truth is not truth.