RED FLAG warning - trolls are loose

dougsmith, it looks like the ad trolls have found CFI, a tsunami to follow?

Saw it at another board, daily for weeks two or three would show up, though there I was given a moderator rating that allowed me to delete them myself. I’d copy, then delete, send on to HQ.

Guess we don’t an option to flag inappropriate opening topics do we? (Vaps indeed)

Can we ban Martin?

I tell you this stuff is worse than cockroaches in New Orleans.

Thanks but really we don’t need to be making more of this than it is. We get these spam topics several days a week every week.

And yes, when folks put spam into their posts they are immediately banned. When I or one of the Mods notice which may not be immediate.

Sorry, simply seems to take soo long.

Guess I forget what a sleepy neglected back water we’ve become.


And the thought of being buried in spam is horrifying to me.

You know doug, it occurred to me it’s that good ol frustration at the helplessness that gets me worked up. If there were a nice little button, when we could flag garbage, I wouldn’t have to make obnoxious wake up calls. :wink:


Still love you guys, think of me as the cranky but lovable inlaw who lives in the basement :slight_smile: