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Just trying to clear away the spam problem

OK that’s fine, but what I’ve been trying to figure out is why posts are getting reported and there’s not a thing wrong with them. I don’t see how they end up being spam, unless it’s the pictures or something.

I was hoping it was you. Have you been clearing the flags?

My posts & comments are still going into moderation…just fyi

Seems to affect stuff with an image or link

I cleared the latest one


Is it the same problem as when whole forums seem to shut down for awhile?

Widdershins, you’re a computer kinda guy. What do you think is going on with sometimes getting a “being moderated” msg instead of your post being posted? And what about with individual forums being completely unavailable for periods of time?

Tim, as yet, I haven’t seen this “locked forum” thing. If a post marked as spam is at the top of a forum, it can be out on the index as the latest post, so if you click it, it goes nowhere, but if you click the forum title, then you’re in. Annoying, but that’s my work around.

So both problems are the same thing? I just figured out I can get in the Political forum, by clicking the forum title, as you said.

So the main problem is some posts, needlessly, being marked as spam, because a pic is too big or something?