incoming, incoming, incoming man the battle stations

Anyone know how these sustained attacks work?

Yeah talking about the FUDGERPOOPER who’s been bombarding us.

What is their purpose?

Just wondering.

I’m trying to get ready for work, but I contacted the powers that be for some back up because I can’t do this without the tools Doug had as head mod. McKenzie is probably at work treating a dog or a cat. Hopefully the cavalry comes soon because I’m about to leave for work and can’t do a thing without some back up. I’ll be back this evening to see what more I can do or if any back up has come. It’s my guess that it’s a bot at the rate it’s posting spam.

My guess is they are paid advertisements. That is, the person who posts them gets paid by the click.

Don’t click on them.

Well, the fact they are posting at least 4 posts a minute if not 5, it has to be a bot. I have to go to work, but I’ll be back later this evening to see what I else I can do, but right now, I can’t do anything else. As I said, I’ve sent for back up to the powers that be and maybe I can do more this evening or it will be fixed already and the bot/spammer will be blocked and banned. In case you’re wondering, Doug had more mod powers than I do, thus part of the problem currently and hopefully remedied soon.

This has gotten even weirder.

I’ve only signed up for notifications to a few threads, but this morning my in box is loaded up with a pages worth of that same SPAM hits.

(I haven’t clicked to open any of them, here or in my gmail.)


Don’t click on them. However, even if you did, you wouldn’t get anywhere because they’ve been removed from the board. The cavalry did come in while I was at work the last couple of days and any spam that occured during that time, should be gone now. Any I see of an evening after I get home, I try to get ASAP.

Weirdly interesting, those names and text changes, is that a hidden message?


I wonder if posting breaks the spell.