Reality behind UFOs

according to the prince of the powers of the air… (Eph. 2:2)
The fallen angels live in the earth’s atmosphere, and their most common manifestation is as an object of light. Aside from these outward characteristics, remember also that their very nature requires them to be deceptive, so that we should expect their physical manifestation to be represented to us as being something else. What aerial phenomena have these characteristics?
The conclusion, therefore, is that while there is nothing inconceivable about visits to Earth by extraterrestrial civilizations in the past, even the near past, there is no acceptable evidence that it has happened, and the evidence deduced for the purpose by various enthusiasts is, as far as we can tell, utterly worthless.57
Since 1946 there seems to have been acceleration in both interest and in manifestations.58
We conclude that our considerations must, of necessity, start with the uncomfortable realization that UFOs have first no physically understandable means of getting here.61
The observed characteristics of the occupants of UF0s violate the conclusions of the process of evolution in accordance to natural laws as applied as a necessary explanation for their (the occupants) existence. Also, it is considered impossible by the laws of physics for UFOs to be from outside our solar system, and all known facts of our solar system stand in total opposition to an extraterrestrial origin from somewhere within our solar system.
This electronic fence is so sensitive that it has detected objects its small as a six﷓inch﷓long metal strap which went into orbit during the launch of an early U.S. satellite…
This raises the important question: Why are UFOs never spotted in space by the radar network designed to monitor the presence of every spacecraft in the vicinity of the earth, but are detected only by ground and airborne radars that can see targets within the earth’s atmosphere? 64
Why? Because UFOs are not extraterrestrial in origin!
Some of’ the observed actions of UFOs violate the laws of physics- primarily the laws of inertia. For instance, it is impossible for a physical object to be going 20,000 miles per hour and make a 90﷓degree turn, or completely reverse course instantly, as some UFOs have been observed to do. But it would be entirely possible if UFOs were the manifestations of spiritual beings﷓ the fallen angels.
We have drawn our extraterrestrial humanoid data from two sources: contemporary UFO sightings and historical events as described in tile Bible. Now if both sources of these similar data are indeed telling us the truth, it is virtually certain that they are, in fact, talking about the same, or closely related, phenomena ﷓ as we have earlier implied.70
The above footnote is from a book written by an author who is not (at least according to the content of his book) a Christian and therefore does not have "an ax to grind, so to speak, in making this statement. His observation is entirely an objective evaluation.
For until the Devil be deposed from the throne of the air, it is likely that he will exercise control, to a great extent at least, over atmospheric phenomena. 76
Footnotes 75 and 76 are taken from a book written over one hundred years ago, long before “UFOs” came on the scene.
But there is another correlation definitely linking UFOs to the fallen angels.
It is, however, a startling fact that the present disposal of the regular spiritual powers of the world seems to be entirely in the hands of Satan. This is evident front the Eighty﷓Second Psalm, as well as from the verse of Isaiah; since in either passage the spiritual rulers are stigmatized without any reserve as rebels against God. 78
At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people. (Dan. 12:1 RSV)
All of the countries in the world are ruled over by fallen angels under Satan, except one: Israel. Israel alone is ruled by one of the faithful angels, the archangel Michael. If UFOs are the manifestations of’ fallen angels, then we should expect a direct correlation of UFO activity with military conflict involving Israel.
Since 1946 there seems to have been acceleration in both interest and in manifestations (of UFOs). 80
` Serious UFO research groups, who tirelessly sift, sort, and systematize reports, will never forget 1973. Autumn of that year staged the biggest UFO flap since bush pilot Ken Arnold captured headlines in 1947 with his sightings of nine “saucer﷓like things” over Mt. Rainer, Washington. The tornadic effect of 1973’s flap was to stun a nation already troubled by Watergate and Middle East crisis. At its peak, October 17…81
As the reader probably knows, the 1973 Middle East crisis was the Arab﷓Israeli conflict known as the “October War.” Most persons even vaguely familiar with UFOs know that 1947 was a banner year. Israel became a nation again on May 14, 1948, following much prior conflict. I did not look for UFO statistics for the time of the other two major Israeli conflicts, 1956 and 1967, but I have no doubt that such statistics will likewise show increased UFO activity.
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