Quotes being removed

I find that too often if I build a comment around a quote, that quote gets eliminated when I post.
Now I don’t track these things, but seems it happens most often when I highlight a quote and hit the response button. As opposed to opening a blank comment box and then going up and selecting a quote.

Has anyone else noticed that, or anyone have an idea why it happens?

I know it’s rather trivial, and I’ve started this thread a few times, only to delete it. It’s not a complaint since it’s easy enough to get into edit mode and fix - but I’m curious why it happens.

Especially after just now watching the quote disappear itself before my eyes as it was publishing.

Has anyone else experienced that?

I haven’t noticed it, but I haven’t been paying that close attention either.

It’s just happen to my last three posts.
Still it’s correctable, I just figured it was worth mentioning.