Reference other's comment - please post date and time info

It looks like comments don’t have numbers assigned to them anymore.
Even worse, there’s no date time register.
How do we reference other’s comments without being forced to quote text?

**Is there anyway to change the “time elapsed” counter to a simple “date/time posted” counter? **

Okay, I have noticed that if we click on the “time elapsed” a window opens with the time posted, but please, wouldn’t it be so much simpler and legible just to have date/times posted on all comments?

From what I can tell, the time stamp is in the upper right of a post. It said you posted it 3 hours ago and given that we’ve only had this new forum for a few hours, I’d say the time stamp won’t be much of anything until tomorrow or the next day. However, I could be wrong, so hopefully Marc sees this or if he doesn’t we’ll mention it to him ASAP.

“Post must be at least 20 characters” -
but I just wanted to give you a thumbs up.
:+1:. :wink:

There is a heart for that if you can’t do just an emoji. I didn’t set that up that way, but it is to get people to post something that contributes to the conversation, but sometimes just a thumbs up, IMO, is good enough.

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