Disappearing quotes?

It’s not a big issue, just a weird one.

It stopped for a while but seems on the uptick recently.

I’ll pull a quote from someone’s comment.
Then add my response and post.
When the finished comment appears, with the quote bracketed comment,
but only for a moment that, then the bracketed comment gets automatically deleted and I’m given one edit check. When I go in and reinsert the quote, it’s remain the second time around,
but I wind up with a second “edit check” (or pencil as the case may be :slight_smile:
(even if it all occurs within a minute or so).

I know, I know,… what would a comment of mine be without a few edits, so it’s not a big deal, but like I said just weird, and I’d so like to know what causes it - beyond, just another one of those glitches.

Although I also think it’s good to have a little mystery in one’s life, so there’s that. :wink:

I’m glad someone else is mentioning this, because I have the same issue. I quote someone and it disappears, leaving me to go into the edit feature to get it back. This is a case for the web designer, I think, and given others are having the same issue (or at least one other person and I assume others) I’ll bring it up to the web designer, because I can’t find a way to stop this from our end.

Darn. I feel left out because it hasn’t happened to me. I haven’t been out on forums for designers of this forum in a long time. I might have some time for that later this month

That’s because you haven’t been posting that much. :yum:

Did that just happen again to you @citizenschallengev4 ?
I noticed that when I was quoting the post directly above. I figured it was just some default space-saver feature.

… but of course it didn’t happen here when I tried it.

Of course.

That’s why I dropped it a few months back.

Like them dang old fashioned cars, with carburetors and distributor caps that would constantly crap out on ya, except when you pulled into the mechanics’ to have them look at it.

This disappearing quote thing seemed to be better for a while,
but now it seems like every other time I start a thread with a quote, after I post it, the quotes get’s kicked out and I get an edit check. Then when I fix it, I get a second edit check. Such as both the post I created in the past few minutes.

just mentioning it.

So weird it is. The comment I just made at climate-change-and-the-global-hydrological-cycle - actually posted with Lausten quote showing for all of a split second, then getting deleted by the gremlin, and giving me an edit check. Then I have to go into edit and add the quote again, which it always allows me, and second time around (as usual) it does post the wanted quote and I’m given another edit check.

no biggie
but I did want to mention that we were doing okay for a while, but lately it’s been happening more often again.

To whom it may concern,

Though a little irritating, just a bug.

so I’ve found a new way to slough off the irritation, though I’m not 100% about doing it.

Still, thought I’d share, when you see:


following a post,
This is my new signal to signify “disappearing quote happened again”.

Oh, but also definitely worth mentioning, other than that,
I think the forum is working really well.
Sometimes I wonder of the extra load of uploading images and video is doing and am impressed that everything continues running as soothly as it does.

As for previous technical issues, and problems with losing comments and such - they have totally gone away and that’s worth celebrating.

CFI Forum is a totally impressive Forum Platform and I wish the Democratic Party would adopt something very similar, a Democratic Party members only forum. That would engage young people, shake that tree, get rid of some of that dead weight and make room for a younger generation.