Embedding Images ??

In The Technical Tip Department:
How do we upload images using an image URL? Rather than having to download directly from our computers?

Cut and paste actually works. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that in a forum software. I just did right-click “Copy Image” and then came here and “paste” and it worked.

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Okay that’s much better. Thank you.

Question: I order to avoid repetitive posting of YouTube videos, is it possible to have the program make a reference to an original post of a video clip, i.e. click on the name and the program will play the video, regardless where or when it was originally posted?

I haven’t seen a feature like that Write4. The closest would be the “share a link” icon, below each post. In the last forum, it didn’t work so great, linking you to the top item of a thread. I haven’t tried it in here yet.