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<p style=“text-align: center;”>Hi, so I’ve been going to the same psychic for about 4 years now. Everytime i go, she gives me the same reading, same outcome regarding the person im gonna meet and mary. Everytime she describes the same person. She also said that she sees about a year to a year and a half into my future, thing is, 4 years later and never had the outcome she keeps giving me. I was starting to think that she had hidden cameras or something where as she knows what to tell me everytime i go. 3 years ago i saw a different psychic who gave me a very similar reading with same outcome, discribing the same person im supposed to meet, and how we’re supposed to meet. She said it would happen within the next year but it didnt.
my question is, why do i keep getting the the same outcomes in my readings but it never happens?</p>

why do i keep getting the the same outcomes in my readings but it never happens?
It may be that the person you are supposed to meet is also going to psychics who are telling her/him about you. However, both of you knowing about the other person, before you have met, has caused your fates to short circuit, and you keep just missing each other.

It is the stuff of romantic comedy, or tragedy, depending how it all turns out.

Because there is a formula to being a “good” psychic. NEVER give specifics. Always keep it vague. Look for a ring on the finger, look for any clues that can tell you about the person, chat them up a bit to dig for a little more info, judge their reactions as you feed them lines. It hasn’t happened because you’re wasting your money on voodoo. It’s a similar reading because there are tried and true “undisprovable” things you can tell people that don’t get shot down right away.

Referring to the first posting…


The tall dark stranger has been ‘played to death’ many times. I would have thought the answer would be obvious?

Many psychics are fakes and will play along with what you want to hear.

Perhaps I should not say this because I am a psychic.

The difference is that I am rarely wrong in any of my predictions. I can remote sense by just touching my monitor.

Before any asks…I am retired!


A retired psychic, that’s a new one. How about you retire from internet forums.