I just realized I'm probably very psychic

I’ve mentioned here somewhere about the dream I had before the 2016 elections where I was watching the election results, getting more and more depressed as the night went by only to relive that nightmare on the actual election night. But I just remembered that’s not the only time during the last few years my immense power has shown itself.

WARNING: The following story makes me a bad person and I don’t care.

Before that dream, I don’t remember when but I’m sure you can look it up pretty easily by looking up the day the news broke, I was talking with my wife about something and I mentioned something along the lines of “Now we just need Anthony Scalise to die”, to which she responded, “Didn’t you hear?” I had not, but that was the day the news had broken. 2016 was a very psychic year for me, apparently.

So, yeah, I’m a pretty powerful psychic. But you just have to take my word for it. You can’t make psychic things happen on queue or anything. That’s not how psychic powers work. And I’m not rich because that is ALSO not how psychic powers work. They’re very complicated. It’s really hard to explain, but I’ll give it a try. It’s almost as if it’s an extraordinary coincidence when your psychic powers kick in. And you don’t know whether you’re being psychic or guessing wrong at the time (it’s always one or the other). Because like, when you’re incredibly psychic, you’re only psychic about the one thing you’re getting right, not about knowing whether you’re being psychic or not.

So, yeah, there’s some proof positive that psychic powers are real, my unsubstantiated claim that I was incredibly psychic for a short period of time a little over 3 years ago with 2 extraordinary coincidences which I have been unable to replicate since, which is not evidence against psychic powers because that’s not how psychic powers work. If you’re not convinced by that then there’s nothing that would ever convince you septic skeptics (that’s a name I got called on a UFO forum once :wink:

That’s pretty tight logic. Fewer plot holes than a Terminator movie.

True story: Back in that time, I had been posting on CFI for a few years. It was shortly before I took a long sabbatical from CFI (for years until returning several months? ago). Anyway, I was posting, as usual, a lot on the politics/social issues forum. I don’t remember exactly what (tho the post may still be accessible, I haven’t looked for it), but it was something about the SC Justice Scalia, that in retrospect, within a matter of hours, he had been found dead. Someone even posted a query as to how I had known about the impending death, before it happened.

What I am saying is that I may have shared in your prescience in that same instance, of Scalia’s ending…

(wherin he became as dead as he always claimed the Constitution is).

I did not have a prescient dream about the 2016 Presidential loss. I only had to live the horror once, and everyday since.



I got an actual chuckle out of that. Not a big one, but I am not a “chuckley” person, so that I chuckled even a little is saying something.


I think we may have been psychically connected. It wasn’t precog for me with that one, just the election. But it was precog for you (isn’t it fun to use made up terms to say something really, really stupid and make it sound smart?), so I’m assuming I must have gotten the “vibe”, as it were, from you. He had already passed by the time the mystic knowledge came to me in the form of a joke in very poor taste (for which I am still not sorry, nor will I ever be, because I am pure evil or something, but not as evil as that asshat was).

I just remembered that I also have telekinetic abilities, though I haven’t used them since I was a kid. This story is absolutely AMAZING. It’s about how I REALLY used to move things with my mind! Your mind will be blown!

In first grade there were things stapled to the walls and things hanging from the ceilings to spruce the place up. Construction paper leaves in the fall, little cartoon motivational signs, etc. The signs hanging from the ceiling were hung by a single string and one day I noticed that they spun ever so slowly. They would spin for a while in one direction, winding up the string slightly, and then they would slow to a halt and slowly begin spinning the other direction. As a kid I found that if I sat there, stared at one of these signs and concentrated long enough I could actually change the direction they were spinning! Sometimes it would take a few minutes, but eventually, EVERY SINGLE TIME, they would slow to a halt and then slowly start spinning the other direction! I could keep them going that way for a while, then, with a little time, could reverse the direction again! It literally NEVER failed, it just took longer sometimes than other times. Isn’t that incredible?

My question is what did you actually found out? who will win, how many votes are counted specifically, what event will happen next after the inauguration of the said winner. I suppose if you have the dream and i did came true then there is a continuation of it.

This post was satire. I do not believe in anything which cannot be tested to see if it is reality or not.

Actually many people have psychic powers. These are not mystical knowledge but a result of cognitive powers.

This abilit is called "empathy ". It’s the ability to place yourself in another’s reality and feel what they are experiencing.


Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another's position.[1] Definitions of empathy encompass a broad range of emotional states. Types of empathy include cognitive empathy, emotional empathy, and somatic empathy.[2]

A perfect example is when you see someone else get hurt and you wince as if you feel the pain yourself. Ever watched someone hit their thumb with a hammer? Did you wince? The question is why do we wince at all, we are not actually feeling the pain, but we are still sharing the same experiential emotions. This is a remarkable ability. We often call this having a soul-mate or having psychic powers

OTOH, autistic persons or psychopaths are not empathic . They are unable to “relate” to others.

Empathic responses are due to the production of the same chemicals in the observer as in the person getting hurt. It is not a mystical response, but a cognitive auto-motor response.

This ability is already present in most higher order mammals, especially in communal animals. Apparently it is a desirable evolved survival mechanism.

See if you can identify with any of these 10 traits of empathy.