Hi everyone, the new format looks good. I am 82 years old and was born into my religion. However the rules have not kept up with the times. I like the good and hate the bad, and the official church clergy have required people to accept old out dated rules. There is a big difference between lay catholic’s and clergy who have taken an oath to not think for themselves. I would like to explore keeping the social side of religion and developing new rules that are regularly up dated based on new science that has shown what is real and what can not be verified, then dump the old. Why is this so hard for people to understand? The Greeks understood this problem by simply putting an A in front of a word they had the opposite understanding of. There is a very good book titled [ WHY WE BELIEVE IN GOD’S ] by J. Anderson Thomson, Jr. MD

Why is this so hard for people to understand?
I suggest too many people have been brainwashed, and don't want to think for themselves anyways, so they just as soon let others do it for them.

While they content themselves with full immersion in their Holly-world daydreams in all it’s fantabulous variations.

Read the book: "The Two Babylons. I feel sorry for alcoholic, homosexual, pedophiles. Is the a global organization I can jopin that promotes, supports, and hides them?

<h4> Christianity, the Religion</h4>

In this section I must implore you, the reader, to set aside your natural concepts. I must re-emphasize that such concepts will lead you to consider good as always being from God, causing you to be fooled by Satan’s master work. If you want to see things from the spiritual point of view‑ the reality behind the outward appearance‑ you must lay aside personal opinion in order to have an open mind, <u>especially</u> in the subject that we will now consider. All that I ask is that your evaluation of what I have to say be objective, rational, and honest. It is not my intention to criticize any individuals or to question their sincerity‑ that is between them and the Lord‑ but it is necessary that I expose certain categories of people, so if the shoe fits so be it.


From this point on, understand that whenever the term “Christianity” is used in this book, it does not include Roman Catholicism; Christianity will refer to all organized religion that is ostensibly following Christ and that does not contain any heretical teachings or practices. Catholicism is not even a Christian religion.



Author’s Note:

There are two women at the end of this age who claim to have a relationship with Christ.

One woman is the pure, holy, spotless, and without wrinkles bride of Christ. Nothing indicates her size; only her purity and singleness of heart are portrayed.

The other woman is a great harlot with many daughters. She claims Christ as her husband, but is in reality married to the satanic world system. She is depicted as great, powerful, world‑wide, rich, and full of fornication and idolatry.

At the time of the uploading of this book (2000), the most accurate estimates are that the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church has an HIV‑AIDS infection rate somewhere between 8 and 11 <u>times</u> that of the general population. This is pure, and this is holy? Again, which of these two women is the accurate depiction of the Roman Catholic Church?






Who are the harlot daughters of Babylon? In order to realize the answer to this question, we must realize the Scriptural implications of the word ‘harlot.’ According to Ezekiel Chapter 16, Jeremiah Chapter 51, and Isaiah Chapter 47, a harlot in the eye of God is one who claims to belong to God but is in actuality unfaithful due to prostituting herself to the world system. A harlot in God’s eyes, then, is anyone who pollutes the things of God by mixing them with the things of the world.

There is, however, one very important difference between the Old Testament descriptions of Israel’s harlotry and the descriptions of this New Testament harlot. Whereas Israel was an unfaithful wife who could legitimately claim God as her husband, the Lord has never recognized any claim made upon him by Babylon. Consequently, He refers to her as “that woman,” “the great whore,” and “a woman.” Babylon can never legitimately claim to be the Lord’s purpose or intention.


If you are a believer in Babylon, most likely you have been told that as long as you are saved, everything is okay: you will be raptured to heaven before the Tribulation starts and live happily ever after. Do you know what the main purpose of the Tribulation is? The main purpose of the Tribulation is not, strictly speaking, to punish the world. The judgment of the world occurs after the Tribulation. Why does God allow the bad time of the Tribulation to occur‑ is God cruel? Certainly not! The main purpose of the Tribulation is to mature in Christ the majority of Christians, who have allowed so many things to interfere with their spiritual growth. As we will see in Chapter Nine, most Christians will still be here on the Earth during the Tribulation. Do not accept the lie that as long as you are saved, your problems are over.



And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, <u>Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins</u>, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Rev. 18:4 Intl. Greek)




  1. Religion is man's attempt to please God with his own capability. The source of religion is the self (the natural man), the expression of the fallen nature of man's flesh upon his corrupted soul.
  2. In total opposition to religion is Jesus Christ, the complete God and perfect man. This is God's provision for man to believe into and receive in order to fully meet every requirement and desire of God‑ to thoroughly enable man to become fully one with God in life and nature (but NOT in His Godhead) in order to co‑inhere with the Triune God for eternity.
  3. If my dear brothers and sisters in religion were in reality following the living, present person of Christ Himself they would not be divided. Instead, they have become captives of an evil counterfeit system. Their hearts have deceived them into ‘doing what is right in their own minds’- resulting in worshipping God according to their concept and preference. Even the unbelievers know this, their accurate observation is: "If Jesus Christ is real, then why are there so many kinds of Christians?" "Come out of her, my people" is His urgent call. Do not try to improve or change her, come out of her.
The oneness among believers is what we value the least, and what Satan fears the most. My dearest eternal family (those in Babylon still), will you forsake your opinions and preferences so that the Lord can use you as material for the fulfillment of the greatest prophesy in the Bible: "I will build my church". Open up to and pray over John 17:20‑21 to the Lord and may He impart this ultimate desire of His heart into your heart.