Hello Everyone!

I arrived yesterday and I’m delighted to be here. If you would like to know more about me, I welcome you to read my article, "Why are there “Nones?”, just posted in “Religion and Sectarianism.” You can also find my history at “Artie-3438207” in NewsVine, although I’m pleased to announce that this will be my new home. I am very thankful for the work CFI has done and aspire to be a worthy contributor. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and learning my way around over the years to come. Thank you everyone!
Fondest Regards,

Welcome. From your early posts it looks like you’ll be a valuable contributor.

Thank you DarronS. How wonderful to hear.
I encourage all people to have a curious mind and not be angry or afraid of what they may find.

Okay, well, you got the DarronS endorsement. Looks like a rainy weekend, I’ll try to set aside some time for your “article”.

Thank you Lausten. I wrote it to expose how Biblical religion is counterproductive to critical thinking and to offer encouragement to those with doubts and those on the front lines.