Proof Lockheed Martin is also an afterlife company

Lockheed Martin brang down stealth fighter jet technology 100%.

They made 3 breakthroughs.

  1. Jet engine traveling 3 * the distance not needing afterburners.

  2. Stealth technology not being seen before it’s to late. So they detect enemy radar / Jets before being detected and can fire a missile forgot and turn around not being detected.

  3. Radar and radar lockon. Lockheed Martin made a much more powerful radar I take it because it can detect all enemy radar towers and jets before they detect them “unless it’s stealth” is the only reason why, so say lockon and forget technology.


Now Lockheed Martin did this with millions of dollars. They flu their Jet against rival allied company and won???¿?

Let’s not forget the new F-35 jet fighter that cost over $1 trillion dollars has nothing new as radar relays info to pilot in F-22 Raptor jets that had no funding what do ever or millions at most?

So yes Lockheed Martin is also an Company in the afterlife. They are working with Jewish in Afterlife and CIA Jewish that rigged elections for Jewish congressman and now to not draw attention Muslim woman congresswoman “yes” Muslim woman to try piss off Muslims…Was 1 male Muslim men elected? Please proof.


So Lockheed Martin with Jewish in Afterlife and CIA Jewish down here tried wiping out God but little did they know what he was capable of.

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go away

The truth will set you free my friend…Well answer this.

With double slit shot test how did an Scientist know to put an camera next to the test?

A. He thought of mind control because is used on them / us if that’s the cause.

B. Was an Miricle to record it and a Miricle he watched it…lmao


So why did he think putting an camera next to test would change the results for? It’s an proven confession he thought off mind control because they chucked me off an building I already new that one, so does everyone ells.


I’m totally going and leaning towards A. I bet your leaning towards B sent you?

There’s alway C.

Finally making sense of the double-slit experiment