How's this for a quasi-political statement?

This is in response to being told congressional Democrats were the same as Republicans. I tried acknowledging the point yes, sorta.
But, we can’t overlook the existence of a half dozen individuals,
who’s actions clearly indicate the deepest contempt for USA rules of law, a rejection of rational collegial governance & no respect for our Constitution. These individuals harbor a desire to damage as much as they can get away with.

This was met with consternation and we moved on. So, in my constant struggle to make myself understood to others, I this just came to mind,
let me try it out on you folks:

I’m a tree-hugging Earth Centrist and frankly I can’t relate to “liberal” any more, nor could I ever relate to “conservative” politics, always way too much of the me, me, me, outlook on everything, for my sentiments.

I’m a pragmatist and appreciate we have a two party system that needs to function constructively, I appreciate we have different priorities, we always have, yet we’ve usually managed to work together.

I’ve given up on the search for “Truth” of whatever flavor. What I believe in is: honesty, striving for civility, respect, with a dose of realistic humility.

Cooperation and respective for constructive debates based on honest information, this we need.

good night,