President Donald Trump & the world

Since the election of Donald Trump as President of USA, his approaches and attitude, being the head of a most powerful country in the world has been a matter of controversy, be it to a particular religion or with other countries, China, Iran, North Korea. However consequent upon PANDEMIC the world is going around, the situation has worsen.

A big question therefore comes to mind if the division caused by Trump’s presidency and unification of all faiths, lead to a holy war that could destroy all organized religion for good?

Relationship with Iran and Russia has never been friendly. In this book, Kurt Robertson describes how a war between Russia and its allies and America and their allies could start in the Middle East expanding throughout the western world.
Apprehension is of a global war, a new crusade between fanatics and terrorists versus Interfaith headed by the Vatican. He has elaborated the chaos and division caused by the culture war , the term best appropriate for President Trump who tries to encourage a more balanced view on conspiracy theories.

He describes how transhumanism is going to change our lives forever. And where do the aliens come into all of this?

But liberals’ fears were softened by a widely shared belief: that the candidacy of Donald Trump would shatter the Republican Party, at least in the form in which we had long known it.



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