Pres. Biden marks January 6, 2021 anniversary - with a hell of a speech

I’m finally listening to President Biden’s jan 6th speech and I’m impressed, especially after Merrick’s equally impressive talk. It’s really saddening that no one has posted anything about this speech?
I can’t get into it now, still seems me this speech needs to be listened by every voting American, I’m not big on Biden, but give the man his dues he gave a good narrative of why it matters.

Kamala pointing out American citizens, individual voters, the grassroots, they need to get invigorated and nurtured, people need to care, need to do something about the insanity of deliberate delusional thinking (and dirty tricks) as a political strategy.

If we are not changing minds we are losing!
Democracy demands an informed and engaged citizenry.

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Suppose he had given this speech 6 months ago. Do you think anybody would still remember in this crazy world of instant gratification? Biden chooses his own agenda.

Some people think Biden is weak because he is not a rabble rouser, like Trump.

But he is a man made of tempered steel who speaks softly but carries a big stick. He only uses it when absolutely necessary

Thanks for posting it. When I get the chance, I’ll watch it. I’m off work until Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll get the chance while I’m off to watch it.