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And Who do you trust in?

Andy Ngo: " Consider what happened to Professor Bret Weinstein, who teaches biology at Evergreen College some two hours north of Portland. After taking issue with a planned day of racial segregation in June, Weinstein penned a letter to his colleagues explaining why he disagreed with the organizers’ request that all white people stay off campus. Soon after, around 50 students stormed his lecture, calling him a racist and supporter of white supremacy. Weinstein had to move his classes off campus due to threats of violence."

Andy Ngo: “Reflecting on this past year, I’ve come to accept that freethinking doesn’t flower naturally among nonbelievers. This was disappointing as I once naively saw organized religion as the root of many social problems. There is research which suggests that humans have evolved to be irrational as a survival instinct. Even if we remove organized religion from society, historic and contemporary examples show that other ideologies and orthodoxies, even genocidal ones, easily take their place. It is the role of skeptic and freethinking organizations to challenge irrationality in all its forms, whether they come from religious or secular dogmas. The social consequences will be heavy but heresy, the engine of progress, has never been popular.”

Weinstein sounds like a smooth operator:


Which brings us to someone like Weinstein, who has long since abandoned his academic past to become a professional troll. His new life started when he resigned from Evergreen State College following a dustup on campus. The whole story is long and muddy, and no one comes out of it looking good. The tl:dr is that Weinstein called a program that asked white students to stay off campus for a day to learn about racial issues an act of oppression, and when protests and threats followed he doubled down. Weinstein sued the college for failing to protect him, and a settlement was eventually reached where he resigned.

Whoever was in the right at Evergreen (if anyone), the post-collegiate work of Weinstein is a perfect example of how a “liberal” can still become radicalized to the right. His story is actually very common.

Many people called Weinstein racist for his actions at the college. He undoubtable got threats and having been the subject of multiple organized online harassment campaigns I can attest that is something very traumatizing. Unfortunately, it’s also a kind of alt-right gateway drug because it leaves you emotionally vulnerable.

YouTuber Laci Green was famous for her sex education videos with a feminist bent, but at one point she used some language that resulted in a pretty vicious dragging on Twitter from trans people. Since then, she’s morphed into a member of the “red pill” crowd, a loose confederation of misogynists and transphobes (read: “gender critical”) that serve as the respectable face of gender-based fascism.

Tim, you’re always good for a trip down the worm hole. Nothing is learned, but your sources always seem to come up short on the physical reality part - word games on top of word games.

It’s a tangled web of ancient history you weave - and yes much of that history sucks. But what you offer, isn’t helping any.

So I’m going to bring up current Political Optics of a man, yes Mr. trump, who quite literally wants to do as much damage to America and her institutions as possible. He is a traitor and an enemy to decent moral society. The kind of man that needs to be taken down hard.

Legal experts dismiss Trump’s lines of defense: They don’t ‘hold any weight’

Aug 4, 2023 #MSNBC

Law professor RonNell Andersen Jones, Palm Beach County state attorney Dave Aronberg, former deputy assistant U.S. attorney Harry Litman and former Representative David Jolly discuss with Alicia Menendez, in for Nicolle Wallace, about the merits of Trump’s legal strategy.

There doesnt seem to be much discussion other than trump from your end. What would you do when he is gone?

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


You really should do a little more research before making such, frankly ignorant comments.

But, yeah, I think way the heck more people should be paying way the heck more attention to what trump is and what he continues doing to this country - this side of the Civil War, there’s never a more destructive force to American’s government and society. This is a five alarm fire and most the nation is too pampered, or at the other extreme, to care.

No arguing that.
Now that that’s settled, how are you going to go on with living in today’s world knowing that?
Is it an issue for you?

Oh and love, I should leave out

Your posts on the american political scene are limited to trumpism with all things politics starting and ending with trump for you. Just saying.

"What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Could it be that you are only looking at CC’s recent political posts? The Republican party is dominated by Trump right now. Anyone running for office has to consider that and adjust their message to please his base. CC also offers alternative strategies, but when you’re talking about the Right, Trump is there.

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It cannot be. There are other political machinations

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


That an accurate comment gets this kind of feedback from a supposed moderator here is indicative of this site. I can only hope that there are some sober minds above that are witnessing the situation. We do know that there have been recent changes in censorship policy by the government. It is possible that these changes are ringing through the system. The idea that our first ammendment rights ought to be held down now by name-calling is none other than a moderator turned troll. I will flag this post as such in the hopes that some accountability can be found. In the meanwhile the barrage and digression is regular afaict.

Good day to you Tim.

How many moderators are here? If the moderator or moderators investigate themselves or their moderator comrades, its a cops policing cops situation. Hopeless and a complete waste of time.

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Moderators have a shield icon. There are three. We are also members. We try to be clear about making a moderator statement by using colors and comment tools built into the software.

Tim. Please look in a mirror.

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I think you may be correct. It is sort of a heatsink method, perhaps. I do accept that there is an information war, and with the resources that the deep state has; especially if we include the DOD in there; private contract individuals in there; the idea that could insert themselves into such an intellectual source is feasible. In fact that they would be drawn here, or even have developed this site as such a heatsink, given the details that we know: yes: this is a possibility.

The human ability to adapt is well known. I have seen many adapt into Russiagate, and now naturally into the Ukraine profile that follows. They consider themselves to be good dogs. The puzzle of what the difference is between the propagandist and the propagandized is slight. Proving the truth is an entirely different problem that is not about mimicry. Of course the grade 'A’s, and especially in science, are the best mimics. In maturity though, after passing through enough of the stuff, you come out on the other side realizing that the problems are open; pretty much all of them. At least I believe that this is our best position. We are engaged in a progression. Unfortunately sometimes this progression is a growth out on a weak limb, to use a tree analogy. In fact yesterday in a rainstorm an old hollowed out maple in my back yard lost a very large limb. I have yet to see what the damage is. In some ways, the bigger the limb, the harder the fall. Meanwhile, a sport grows at the base of the tree, and it will now receive more sunlight, as will my garden.

I could go on and on about pruning the limb and so forth, and the accuracy of the analogy would continue. The sort of disease that the mainstream press has is not the sort that there is any recovery on. That will all be deadwood imo. It may last quite well as deadwood, being high up in the air and drying quickly after every storm, but it won’t contribute anything to the trees growth. NPR is deadwood, as is the NYT, and PBS for that matter; the bugs got to them and ate them alive.

You know, the Intercept is a bit fishy too. Another time though. Yes, a fish analogy for that one…

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Got that right. The idea that any propaganda arm would spend effort to manipulate me, as a moderator, is, gosh, can’t think of a nice word for it. I show the reports in January. We don’t get much traffic here.

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Are you an artificial intelligence? If you are, it would be very interesting to have you on the forum as an AI research contributor.

That sounds about right for you.
I, on the other hand, believe we need to consider the roots of the problem, rather than obsessing and whacking at branches and twigs, which only transfer the problems to other twigs.

Tim, you, and apparently Love, love bashing and distorting as much as anyone.

Just look at the way you constantly try to pigeon hole me into your mind game, rather then having an actually discussion with me, which I’d be happy to have.

But, no, instead for serious discussion, I have to resort to a dialogue with f’n book, which at least strives to explain itself rationally - as opposed to your constant finger pointing at others and saying little beyond baiting.

Heck I wonder, what is it, are you guy’s into the Mr. trump MAGA cult and you resent anyone who doesn’t believe?

Is that why you resent me for posting so much about Mr. trump - oh and incidentally the reason I am posting so much about Mr. trump is because everyone else seems too lazy or apathetic and it’s too important simply to ignore.

But, it’s a fool’s errand, I know, the future is screwed no matter what I do or think.

There is an advantage to having lost all faith & trust in our future, these days I simply try to focus on one’s own behavior and interactions. Being 68 helps, aging is a bitch, but it does have it’s benefits.

Oh that brings it down to what keeps me alive and striving, it’s all about living today, as well and honorably as I can. You see honor, honesty, dignity, other people matter to me. How about you? {Have you stopped beating your wife yet? ;-)}, and tomorrow will take care of itself. Be prepared for ugly changes by not wasting today, instead strive to make it a day to cherish and remember.

So one more time to set the record - you claim I’m a one horse guy:

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Lausten, what do you think the chances are that one of these two characters will possess the clarity, integrity and honor to offer an apology, with a simply, “Okay sorry, my bad, there is live after Mr. trump.”

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I counted 12 in your reference to past postings, none of which combats your limitations in discussing anything other than trumpism in the americam political conversation.

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Good grief! W4U must be a CFI bot with that welcoming post!!

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


And lordie, lordie what have you been contributing, your worship?

You’ll probably believe that’s all about Mr. trump, but you would be mistaken. Go ahead explore.

Oh speaking of exploring, if you had any sincerity about you, go escape into a trump free zone:

Or are you just here to broadcast your superiority?
I say that because you’re reminding of one of them recordings with one witty line, repeated ad nausea.

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "

Cute at first but then . . .
nothing to back it up, so it becomes vacuous.