Strange Republican response

I usually don’t like piling on. I turned the speech off when watching it live. There was nothing substantive. So, delivery was key, and she delivered weird. Unfortunately, nothing seems to hurt Republicans these days, gerrymandering has taken care of pesky issues like the majority.

It was pretty cringe worthy for a progressive type like me.

At lease she’s showing the world where the GOP thinks women belongs, in the kitchen prep’ing the weenie rolls and cocktails.

For what it’s worth, here’s the main course,

But the look was so generic, she could have been a nonspecific character in a pharmaceutical ad if only she were gathering flowers at an outdoor market or riding a bike in a sleeveless shirt to celebrate the retreat of her moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis.

That’s from LA article. Classic.

Republican generic, an interesting tidbit putting some light on Katie B’s manufactured lies -

But the MAGA Senator still insists it’s all true, (except for time or place.)

How the MAGA do it. And it’s destroying our country’s civility and grossly damaging our collective future prospect. But the band played on.

I turned her off too. The stupidity that came out of her mouth was insane and that was less than five minutes of her speech.

She doesn’t have any charisma, but State of the Union address rebuttals don’t matter that much. Or even at all.

The real problem here is that she is good looking and relatively normal for a female politician and that always bothers liberals.

Yeah. Those are my top priorities for 2024. Down with good looking normal females. They are tearing apart the fabric of the nation.

Sure in the MAGA world nothing matters anymore except turning this country into a dictatorship.

Trump crawling up Putin’s dark side - “it don’t matter!” MAGA man
Encouraging Russia to invade Ukraine - “It don’t matter!” MAGA man
Accepting bribes from foreign enemies - “It don’t matter!” MAGA man
Trump being a financial serial fraudster - “it don’t matter!” MAGA man
Utter contempt for the health of this Earth that sustains us. - “it don’t matter!” MAGA man
Racist and sexist to the core - "it don’t matter! MAGA man
Babbling like an obnoxious four year old - “it don’t matter!” MAGA man
Lies about everything - “it don’t matter!” MAGA man
Can’t think beyond his personal petty grievances. - “it don’t matter!” MAGA man
Is incapable of taking personal responsibility for errors made. - “it don’t matter!” MAGA man
Is incapable of learning from personal errors made. - “it don’t matter!” MAGA man

Oh but this was about Senator B’s speach, oops.

“Vacillating between forced smiles and near-teary terror, Britt did the thing Trump is best at: Trying to scare insecure white people with nonsense.”

Seems to me to sum it up pretty well.

And apparently this is the best the Republican Party can offer our pluralistic nation of immigrants - you know the world’s great Melting Pot.

Yeah, we all know Democrats are the party of the young and the non-White. That’s why Joe Biden is their best bet.

You wouldn’t have made this thread is she didn’t bother your progressive view of women.

Bother my progressive view? Don’t know what that means. My judgment of her delivery and quality of the arguments is not affected by gender

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Actually it was about the lack of substance, weird claims, and her pathetic melodramatic acting.

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But on a more positive note, a bunch of decent Republicans are resigning in protest to their own party’s state of insanity.

I find that so odd. Shouldn’t they vote in protest?

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One congressman declared that he was just wasting time there. There is no Republican agenda other than dismantling the constitutional government.

And a vote against dismantling may be at peril of you or your family’s life.
It’s the Trump gang that is running the Republican congress, and they don’t mind killing under guise of patriotism.
01/06 is proof of the violence the Trump mob is willing to commit, because Trump has promised them pardons.
Trump republicans have permission to commit violence!

Trump isn’t in power now. The police presence in Washington next January is going to be massive.

The problem is that Trump does have political power and there are no rules or morals of any kind. It’s a free-for-all and that’s how mob bosses gain power and take over the territory.

There are some very sober and experienced people looking at this situation and tremble at the prospect of another close election and certification of the winner.

If not tightly controlled, this may become a parody of Hitler’s rise to power after he was convicted of treason.

It has happened several times in history and it can happen again, unless it is contained.


That’s the first thing you said that I’ve agreed with in a long time, Write4u.

I know all that. I was specifically responding to the ability to kill a congress person. A specific congress person. Trump can whip up a mob and then claim he wasn’t responsible, but that’s not the same as ordering a “hit”.

Yes it is. As per Cohen, Trump’s erstwhile lawyer, Trump would speak in code and everyone understood what he wanted. This is typical mob-talk.

Boss says “this guy is a thorn in my side”, and that means “get rid of the thorn”.

Are you saying someone in congress has already been killed by Trump?