Police chief Acevedo to Trump: 'If you can't be constructive, SHUT UP!'

Trump stop putting more cops and citizens at risk!

It’s not about confronting and dominating. But then, destruction is exactly what trump has on his mind.

What’s nation to do?


courtesy of CNN.


Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said: "… It’s not about dominating, it’s about hearts and minds.

Let’s me clear, we do not want people to confuse kindness with weakness.

We don’t want ignorance to ruin what we have got here in Houston.

As speaking for colleagues across the country, where their officers are being injured, where community members are being injured,

. . . "


Well actually, we could use a bit more intellectual, legal, social confrontation of Trump’s Me First mentality and his Absolutist Lawlessness, and his betrayal of the US President’s Oath of Office. But that’s all a slightly different story, and it seems we’ve run out runway, on that one too. 4 out of 10 Americans worship this petty nasty emotional juvenile delinquent of a damaged human, it’s simply mind boggling, and increasingly terrifying, I mean they are going to push every limit and what’s there to turn that around?

Then when our first outrageous hurricane of the season slams the US coast he’s going to be on his Bully Pulpit saying: "Who could have imagined such a thing. It’s all the Democrats fault, why didn’t anyone warn us . . . "


Although in fairness guess I should add this story. It seems even some of trump’s Senate enablers are telling the flimflam president to power down.

https: //www - crossroadstoday - com/i/gop-senators-critical-of-trumps-response-to-unrest-following-floyds-death/

… At a time when Trump could be consoling the nation, Republicans — who rarely break from Trump — are voicing their disapproval that the President has offered little in the way of condolences and instead taken to Twitter to incite divisions and cast blame.

“Some of his tweets have not been helpful,” Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican from Pennsylvania, said at a news conference Monday. “It would be helpful if he would change the tone of his message.”

The message from his own party comes as protests have grown and spread throughout the country from Los Angeles to Washington with no end in sight. …

Little squeaks of timid disapproval from the RepugLIARS tend not to last long or amount to anything substantive. Although, maybe, just maybe when a few no longer have to worry about being primaried (when the primaries are done) maybe those few will risk the T rump’s ire.

Anne Applebaum, writer for the Atlantic, said of those who I call the RepugLIARs in our government, They are scared, and yet they don’t seem to know that this fear has precedents, or that it could have consequences. They don’t know that similar waves of fear have helped transform other democracies into dictatorships.”


She also says, “Like the Vichy French in the 1940s or East Germans in 1945, high-ranking members of the Republican Party in 2020 America have chosen to accept an alien ideology that is in sharp conflict with their own values. By aiding and abetting President Trump even as his lies are repeatedly exposed, they’ve become complicit—and, with tear gas in the streets and more than 100,000 dead from the coronavirus, the price of collaboration has already turned out to be extraordinarily high.”

Applebaum has writtenHistory Will Judge Trump’s Enablers Harshly,” a forceful indictment of high-ranking Republicans such as Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Attorney General William Barr, and Senator Lindsey Graham—who have abandoned their own ideals in favor of enabling Trump to repeatedly put his own interests above America’s. “First Trump’s enablers accepted lies about the inauguration; now they accept terrible tragedy and the loss of American leadership in the world. Worse could follow. Come November, will they tolerate—even abet—an assault on the electoral system: open efforts to prevent postal voting, to shut polling stations, to scare people away from voting?”

She writes, “Each violation of our Constitution and our civic peace gets absorbed, rationalized, and accepted by people who once upon a time knew better.”

She writes, “Each violation of our Constitution and our civic peace gets absorbed, rationalized, and accepted by people who once upon a time knew better.”
Not to mention the causal normalization. Interesting contrast to another freshie comment I read this morning, but there's no point in getting into that one.

True, true, Tim, merrily merrily merrily floating down a stream.

The T rump used his federal police in DC to dominate and remove peaceable assemblers who were gathered in protest near the White House on the edge of Lafayette park.

This was an UNconstitutional use of police power. The group was protesting peacefully. The curfew time had not arrived.

With little or possibly no warning the crowd was fired on with the sundry “non-lethal” type crowd control weapons, including some cool looking paintball guns that had been modified to shoot balls with pepper in them instead of paint. Also the usual tear gas, etc. And pushing and knocking over the citizens who didn’t get out of their way fast enough. Followed up by a line of police on horseback to herd out any stragglers.

They were apparently under orders to clear the way for a “Presidential” stroll. At about the same time as the crowd was being unconstitutionally forced away (btw some of them sustained injuries.) The T RUMP reading a speech that started out as saying that he was an ally of peaceful protestors. (We and the Kurds know how the T rump treats his “allies”.

But it was apparently very important that the DOTUS get to stroll to St John’s Cathedral to get his picture taken. (I think he wanted to show how brave he was, coming out of his hidey-hole.) He must have, also, thought that a picture of him holding a Bible in front of St. John’s would be good for his campaign.

He certainly was not there to pray, or to offer words of unity and consolation to the nation, or to beg forgiveness for his sins. He couldn’t seem to figure out how to operate the Bible. He didn’t open it. He held it in different ways. But he got his picture taken, pretending to be a Godly, brave, dominating, “law and order” leader, albeit that he has arranged to be above the law, himself.

BTW the T rump was not brave enough to walk the block or so from the WH to St John’s by himself. Of course he had the SS agents protecting him, but he also brought along a dozen or so of WH staff, including some cabinet members. I suppose he could have used them as human shields in needed.

But alas, all of the scary peaceful protestors had been dominated away. And the cronies served no purpose except to watch the T rump get his picture taken, while he was figuring out how to hold a Bible.



He must have, also, thought that a picture of him holding a Bible in front of St. John’s would be good for his campaign.
He thought that for sure, and I've seen comments that I know are legitimate, saying how awesome it was. Pretty amazing that the "photo-op" is still something in the toolbox. Seems more like "avoiding the open mic" is the focus these days. Just more of the divide, to me it looks silly, to some, it's like he rode in on a white horse.

I listened to 6 minutes of speech that came before the walk. He isn’t even reading it very well at first. Then he gets in to the part about bringing out force and he’s more comfortable with those words.

But the worst of it is that WHILE he was reading his new manifesto of domination, his federal forces were roughing up a peaceful assembly, thus violating the 1st Amendment AND at the same time engaging in police brutality against citizens who were PROTESTING AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY.

But the T rump wanted his picture in front of St John’s Church holding a Bible. What the T rump wants, the T rump tends to get, eventually. And sometimes, these days, he gets what he wants as soon as the impulsive whim crosses his childish mind.