Please help me with my cognitive dissonance.

Yeah, none of us realize how much of our thinking is formed by the society we live in. Some of us, like most here, manage to break through some of the dumbest ones, but it's almost impossible to get rid of most of them. For example, while I was able to reason my way out of the sillyness of a god when I was quite young, it was only when I ws in my forties that someone challenged me, and I started examining my certainty that women, while lovely creatures, were not as bright or logical as men and were far more emotional. Everyone in my family, men and women, accepted that, and so as I grew up did I. I was completely disgusted at myself when I realized my stupidity at having never examined that. Of course, most of the universal ideas society gives us are true and help us function, but we have to be careful about the strange ones that we haven't yet erased. Occam
I have mixed feelings here. I know of some very brilliant women who frequent Neil Degrasse Tyson's podcast StarTalk. But I suppose if I were to examine my everyday life and the women I interact with, or even just observe, I'd have to agree with your statement. And why does it seem like women are the majority of devout Christians? I mean, they spend all this time expressing their love for God and talking/standing up for Christianity, which is itself trying to suppress the women who are preaching it. I mean, Christianity says for women not to speak among men and to remain silent. Additionally, it views them more as maids and livestock than equal human beings. If there is a persons who should turn down Christianity, I'd say it'd have to be women-- they have no reason to defend it. And my female family members just go through neverending phases of believing tons of different crap. They believe it wholeheartedly and will argue about it, but then the next time you see them, they're into some other woo woo crap. They also tend to display this extremely abhorrent and wicked vindictiveness that is, in my opinion, the single most evil thing about women as a whole. It's the whole reason the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Which is kind of ridiculous, because she could be the one at fault, but is still the one on a campaign to destroy the man she feels wronged her. To be honest, the women in my life have proven to be intellectually disappointing. My mom, who whilst I was young was my intellectual hero, is now into psychics (that big haired Caputo lady), and has told me her Dad visited her as a butterfly. She's told me she talked to a spirit and that she prays to Angels. She even prayed to an Angel to find some sentimental jewelry my Grandma lost. I mean, it's incredibly intellectually frustrating to be around people this delusional. She dismisses organized religion, but will latch onto a woo woo self-serving crap she can. Uhg, it's enough to make me bang my head into a wall. Whew, that was a long anecdote and I'm not all that sure I remember where I was going with all this. But I think to sum up, my personal experiences confirm your conclusion, although I've observed exceptions. There is a very good reason for women to be more into religion than men. Survival. The group or church offers safety in numbers, vetting of mates, support though picking, choosing and mating with prospective males as well as support with child bearing, rearing, whole family support and support should they be single again through death or divorce. They are supported, even protected by the community and even women who leave the church know if they need to they will always be welcomed back at a moments notice and cared for again. It is often a stonger support network than their own families. This is a huge powerful (even subconsciously) draw for women, even in this day. Through the church females never have to go it alone. For many, though most won't admit it, this is why they go. MzLee