Petty petty little trump - decimating school nutrition standards

The petty nastiness of trump never ceases to astound. The man doesn’t seem to have a humane fiber in his pathetic hate filled paranoid body.

BUT OH How They Adore Him . . .

SAVAGE: Trump Targets Signature Michelle Obama Accomplishment On Her Birthday By Ryan Saavedra,, JANUARY 17TH, 2020

https://www dailywire com/news/savage-trump-targets-signature-michelle-obama-accomplishment-on-her-birthday

The Trump administration moved on Friday to decimate the school nutrition standards

pushed by Michelle Obama during her time in the White House, a move that the Department of Agriculture (USDA) took on the former first lady’s birthday.

The USDA said that the new proposals would give “school nutrition professionals … more flexibility to serve appetizing and healthy meals that appeal to their students’ preferences and subsequently reduce food waste. The proposed rule also encourages state and local operators to focus resources on feeding children rather than administrative paperwork.” …



The Bizarre Trump-Fueled Backlash to Healthy School Lunches MAGA comes to the cafeteria.


https://www motherjones com/food/2019/09/the-bizarre-trump-fueled-backlash-to-healthy-school-lunches/

Back in 2010, then–first lady Michelle Obama launched a nefarious scheme to turn school cafeterias into liberal indoctrination zones. Or at least that’s how Obama’s right-wing opponents portrayed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, a law she spearheaded that gave the National School Lunch Program its first nutritional update in more than 15 years. Her treachery included requirements for more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and limits on calories in meals. “Here’s Michelle Obama trying to take over the school lunch program,” Rush Limbaugh warned his radio audience. Media outlets flaunted photos of kids dumping their lunches into the trash, supposedly taken after the reforms went into effect. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) sponsored a bill to nullify the nutrition rules in 2012, decrying what he called a “misguided nanny state” that “would put every child on a diet.”

  1. He’s too stupid to know that kids need nutrition, because they are growing. This means more fruits and vegetables, not less. It also means less junk food, like pizza. No one can be healthy on the diet he proposes, but it’s what he eats, believing he’s healthy, when he’s not.

  2. He also did it because he hates black people and because he hates black people and Michelle is black, he has to undo any good they did. He wants to get rid of free lunches (and breakfasts) in schools for poor kids. This program was originally started by the Black Panthers.

Just another way to exterminate people he doesn’t like, but I also think he truly believes healthy foods are a waste of money, because his delusional fat butt believes he’s healthy and he eats junk all day.

Has anyone noticed that if we were to define and describe the machinations of a demon, Trump’s actions would perfectly fit the narrative.


Seems to me, it not tough not to see a malicious spiteful demon - why do so many love him as though he were a messiah?


Sree, any thoughts?

Actually if you listen to the Republicans they have all, at least their leadership, have reverted to out and out totalitarians, they have no place for anything Democratic, or rational, etc…

They hold 2/3 rd of our country into total contempt and wish they could wipe us out. Just gotta listen to them and a little Christian radio and FOX newz to hear how blindsided hate-filled these people have become.

@Write4U Yes I have. The man is pure evil.

@Citizenschallenge They hate us all and don’t care if we end up dying from their policies. Doesn’t matter if they die either because they have another place after they die. Not sure why any leader of the afterlife would want that scum. They’re libel to destroy that too because they just don’t care. Oh well, they can have their little dream. Too bad they’ll be dead too and won’t know that their dream didn’t come true. It’s a real shame they won’t know that they destroyed the one and only chance they had at life and didn’t do better by it because all they wanted to do was hate.

T rump also made moves today to insure that kids could pray in school. They should pray that they can hold off Type 2 diabetes until they become adults.


Good point about T rumpians in the afterlife. They would take over heaven to “make it great again” and build a wall to keep any new people out (except T rump, who they would install as the new Supreme Being, when he arrived). (Now, you might say, “no way T rump could wind up in heaven”. But it is just a matter of skirting the laws of God, the way he skirts all other laws.)

@TimB Exactly on all accounts. Pray should never be in school. Kids won’t be educated at this rate.

Is the bigger insult to liberals the change in guidelines or the fact that it was Michelle’s birthday?

Both are examples of making a mountain out of a molehill.

@thatoneguy No the bigger insult is that my grandson and other kids won’t be getting the nutrition they need.

Both are examples of making a mountain out of a molehill.
They health of a generation is just a joke to you. Awesome. #weredoomed
BUT OH How They Adore Him . . .
Yeah, Hitler's followers adored him too.
He’s too stupid to know that kids need nutrition...
He's too stupid to "know" anything. He refuses to learn or take advice. He always thinks that he knows better than the facts do.
...Michelle is black, he has to undo any good they did.
Doesn't that sound like EXACTLY the kind of guy who would hire hookers to pee on a bed a black guy he hates once slept in? I mean, I now that claim is unproven and all (I would LOVE to get that video on pornhub!), but doesn't it sound just exactly like something he would do, given his personality and pettiness?
They hate us all and don’t care if we end up dying from their policies. Doesn’t matter if they die either because they have another place after they die...
That's not entirely true. I don't think most "leaders", religious or otherwise, actually believe the crap rolling out of their mouths. I think it does matter to them if they die. The thing is, when the world starts on fire they'll be among the few who can afford air conditioning and $50/lb hamburger. They will be fine. Their corporate masters will take care of them.
T rump also made moves today to insure that kids could pray in school.
They could ALWAYS pray in schools. Prayer was never "banned" from schools! That would be a violation of the First Amendment. What they couldn't do was make a public spectacle of it, which is what they have always really wanted. They want to normalize their archaic magic rituals to my children so that my kids see someone performing a magic ritual (as long as it's the RIGHT magic ritual to the RIGHT God!) and think "This is normal" instead of, "What the hell is wrong with you? Are you REALLY begging a fairy to cast a spell for you right now???"
The health of a generation is just a joke to you.
Conservatives have to trivialize everything liberals do and say. It's how they maintain their belief system that everything is fine, nothing is ever going to change and the only thing wrong is that it's not 1953 any more when black people got the hell out of a white man's way and a woman did as she was told or got the belt. And, of course, never said the word "no" to her owner husband. This is just what they do these days. They pretend constantly that liberals are just "triggered" and whiny so they don't have to address the serious issues with their own beliefs and, especially, leadership. Because they REALLY don't want to stop and think about how much help the guy in the Oval Office got from Russia to get there, or how much the entire Republican party enabled that and continues to do so to this day, lead by Moscow Mitch at the top.

T rump is a Liar, a con man, a Liar, a cheater, a Liar, a murderer, a Liar, a pussy-grabber, a Liar, a bully, a Liar, a whiny little bitch, a Liar, a child abuser, a Liar, a wannabe dictator, a Liar, a soon to be dictator, a Liar, a promiscuous slut, a Liar, an oath breaker, a Liar, a piggish human being, a Liar, America’s top Troll, a Liar, and among other things, did I mention that he is a Liar?


We already know that TimB. Let’s not forget that if he is impeached, we need to hope that He Who Is Not Worth His Name, and Moscow Mitch go down with him, because if they don’t and He Who Is Not Worth His Name become president, we may find ourselves under Dominionist Rule, because he’s a Dominionists. The Dominionists… well they are crazy religious nuts that want to bring the end of the world so that their “Jesus returns”.

I don’t know much about Dominionists, but they sound bad, so T rump might well be one. Do they accept Liars? Because T rump is definitely a Liar.

While lying is a sin, I’m sure they aren’t above trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes to meet their agenda. They want to reclaim the “7 Mountains”, which are government, religion, media, family, business, education, and arts and entertainment. Sarah Palin was/is one and so is Betsy Devo or whatever her name is. We would have Xian madrasas and destruction of the earth, as well as other animals. In short, it is Xian Sharia- government, education, etc and there’s been mention of forcing kids to pray in school (that’s a taste of it) and crap like “kneel to the cross and not to the national anthem” B.S. They want to be governed by the Bible or their version of it and everyone has to bow and coo to that version, even Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Catholics, who they don’t consider Xian, even though they are. I can find more if that’s not enough to comprehend what could happen under He Who Is Not Worth His Name.

Here’s a few links to give you an idea of the hell they would/could create:

Well that is a scary thought that some wannabe theocrats are among the T rump loyalists. OTOH, T rump will only be loyal to them, to the extent that it helps keep him in power. But the only dominionism that he really cares about, is his own dominion over all. If Jesus, at some point comes riding from the sky on a white stallion, I don’t think T rump will appreciate being upstaged.

They think he was sent by god, so that’s about as close as him having a dominion he will get, which maybe a long ways.

No the bigger insult is that my grandson and other kids won’t be getting the nutrition they need.
What about getting fed at home? If a kid doesn’t even have that then they have much bigger problems than missing out on fruit at school.
They health of a generation is just a joke to you. Awesome. #weredoomed
Crappy school lunches play very little role in the youth obesity epidemic.

Get fed at home during the noon hour? No kid is at home during the noon hour. They are in school. So you propose they skip lunch and only have breakfast and dinner, which would be at home for all kids? Nice. Kids don’t get lunch and go hungry until they get home at the end of the day, with no fruits, veggies, or anything else. That’s just cruel.