Pete Buttigieg is GAY???

I just saw this article about an Iowa woman casting her vote for Buttigieg AND THEN finding out he’s gay. She asks for her voter card back because she doesn’t want “someone like that” in the White House. It’s a sad commentary on the bigotry gays still face. And to top it off she, herself, is a walking, talking standard older, uninformed hick voter stereotype, missing teeth and all.

Maybe she thinks that if Pete is elected POTUS, then we will all be required to become gay, or that we will have to install track lighting and dimmer switches in our home interior décor.

That already happened when gay marriage was legalized nationwide. I was required to immediately divorce my wife and gay marry someone against my will. I haven’t done it yet and I’m sure the law is going to catch up with me any day now. Then it’s shotgun wedding for me, I guess.

Damn, Wid. That sucks. Considering we all know how you feel about butt stuff.

I suggest you make lemonade out of lemons. Get your soon to be divorced wife to marry a hot bisexual woman, and you find an attractive shemale who only likes felatio (not interested in butt stuff). Then you and your ex, her new lover, and you and yours can all get together and live happily ever after.

We all may have to make sacrifices if a gay person becomes POTUS. You know how those gays are always trying to make everyone else be gay. It may be a blessing that the illegal aliens are probably going to murder us before the gays can take over our lives. If only someone like Cyrus the Great could rebuild the Temple in Israel and bring on the end times to get us out of this mess.

I wonder what she would say if she found out he is married … to a man.

Do you think the White House would look good painted in rainbow colors? I forgot, Obama already gave us a preview. I think it was around the same time he gave us our Muslim postage stamp. I thought it a bit garish.

You are concerned about “garish” décor? T rump’s idea of décor is Neo-Marie-Antoinette with gold frills.

You are concerned about a Muslim postage stamp, when our DOTUS awards Rush Limbaugh with the National Medal of Freedom, during the middle of the SOTU? Which of those is more “garish”.

Rush Limbaugh purveyor of that right wing classic “Barack the Magic Negro”.


TimB: “that right wing classic “Barack the Magic Negro”.”

Write4U seems to find that funny. I don’t.

I am not concerned about the decor at the white house. I thought it was an obvious stunt to garner votes from one group while offending others with a symbol of a life style that is an “abomination” to most people in the US. I prefer to not use our Post Office to celebrate a holiday of a society that has my destruction as its stated goal.

No way this Indiana mayor is going to win. Too many strikes against him. The only reason why I would pray for his success against Trump in 2020 is entertainment. Ever since Trump became President, everyday has been a fun and exciting day in American politics and US foreign policy. Four more years of Trump are going to be better than ever before. After that, we are all going to suffer from post partum depression. We can’t go back to normality.

TimB: “that right wing classic “Barack the Magic Negro”.”

Bob said; Write4U seems to find that funny. I don’t.

No, I find Rush Limbaugh ridiculous. The few time I listened to this clown he reminded me of Joseph Goebbels . Trump’s awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom is the greatest travesty in US history and worthy of a good laugh at this political parody that deserves a cartoon in a major newspaper.

OTOH, the Obamas are great representatives of true humanist values. Nothing funny about that. It is deserving of respect, such as a Nobel peace prize, a popular award Trump or Limbaugh will never merit.

Why Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing — and Trump never will for anything

An award President Obama was hesitant to accept out of modesty and self-conscience.