Origins of COVID-19 and lab investigations

We have the bat theory and other theories. It’s hard to say what to believe on this subject concerning origins, but I’ve reading the lab theory a lot over the past year. My son got me started on it. I can’t say I’m convinced, but I’m not convinced about a bat in China either. I don’t really trust Chinese authorities on the topic, especially since they weren’t fully forth coming to begin with and we started learning about the virus itself. That and the Chinese government won’t allow us to investigate their labs, leaving or rather forcing the world to accept the bat story. I’d be more convinced of the bat theory, if they were more honest about the virus itself and allowed the investigation of their labs. However, there is such a thing as viruses jumping from other animals to the human animal, so we cannot discount the bat and I’m not discounting either.

Anyway, here are three stories from USRTK on the lab theory, in which to pick apart in discussion:

and lastly:

I just found this one last week. Lots I didn’t know. I’d heard about people who were sanctioned for speaking up in China, but this fills in a lot of detail. It doesn’t say much about the lab itself though.

Oh yes, there is that, which also contributes to my doubts about bat origins. I’ll have to watch that episode of Frontline, if I can find it in the PBS app (yes, I’m a donor member of PBS, so it shouldn’t be a problem).

I think Frontline is pretty free with its archive.

I know there was that lab that made some poor choices, but I’ve read the timelines, the ones that try to say Fauci knew what was going on and somehow funded them, as if one person makes decisions like that. It makes much more sense that a government like China’s would want to look good in the eyes of the world and wouldn’t listen to its own scientists. And, they have continued to deny they did that, despite the paper trail of tweets and memos that were deleted.

In the Frontline, there’s a point where it was starting to look bad, and it was getting close to their New Year. Typically, workers who work in the cities return to their rural towns for celebrations. A lockdown would have had all of them stuck in the cities, a crisis of a different sort. That was the point where, if it was to be contained, it could have been.

China has always love to save face, even if it means lying to the world about various things. It’s not out of the ordinary for them to lie about and even hide things that they do that is evil. When I first saw it spreading in China, before it even got to the U.S. I thought to myself, “Germ Warfare?” With China, I wouldn’t put it past them. They’ve been known to test things on their people and then the world, so I wouldn’t put it past them.

Then again… My grandfather, born in 1914, would take toys away from me that said, “Made in China”, for fear they’d poison me. He insisted anything from China could kill us. So… That thinking could be very well programmed into me.

On the other hand, they did attempt to silence those who attempted to get word out to the world about this virus and even killed some, such as a doctor or two or more. So are they hiding something? We will never know because they won’t allow other countries to do their own investigation of their labs or even the other possibilities.

One person can’t do that. There needs to be more than one person, as a rule.

Exactly, but China didn’t do that and I don’t think they even cared to do it. This is where I start to question their government’s humanity.

In this case, it is not only saving face. If it can be proved that they are responsable for the epidemic, the political cost would be enormous, with the risk of a tremendous financial cost.

I know and that’s probably why they act like they are hiding something concerning how this virus started.


In research you work step by step. There would be data and in the freezers the viruses. Those samples could be matched up to the virus and we would know 100% if the virus came from the lab.

So, where are the working 22,000 virus samples and the data?

We are told it was taken away by the China military and destroyed. Why? Were we not paying to be part of that research? And why are we still paying the Wuhan lab, if they destroyed the work? We have a few early reports on the work. And it sounds like gain of function. To start a project there must be an outline of the project. It also sounds like gain of function. And yes the job description required gain of function training.

If you watch these four videos, I think you will have a few questions.

There are also a dozen books that have been written about the Wuhan lab leak.

Peter Daszak

KEY - WHO Expert Member Peter Daszak Seen Boasting Of Manipulating Killer Virus In China In 2016 - YouTube

09/21/21 Academics - Claim Peter Daszak Misled the Public Amid COVID Origins Probe

11/25/21 Science - Prophet in purgatory

12/21/21 Daily Mail - Lancet editor who published letter slamming Covid lab leak theory as ‘conspiracy’ admits he knew about lead author’s links to Chinese lab at centre of cover-up for a YEAR before acknowledging conflict of interests

12/27/21 The Desert Review - Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with Genocide in Court Filing

60 Minutes

Peter Daszak, senior research fellow at Center for Tropical Research was featured on a 60 Minutes segment called Pandemic Politics. The Trump administration cut funding for Peter Daszak, a coronavirus researcher, jeopardizing a possible COVID-19 cure. Daszak is an American scientist whose non-profit EcoHealth Alliance collaborates with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China to catalog hundreds of bat viruses to understand where pandemics come from, their risks, and how to disrupt and stop future pandemics. The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) abruptly terminated Daszak’s NIH grant in the wake of unsubstantiated claims that COVID-19 is either manmade or leaked out of a Chinese government lab.

Oh good grief! You’re taking lessons from known misinformation sources, now Mikeyohe. The majority of those sources- YouTube, NewsMax, Skynews… or all misinformation sources and no more factual than Faux (AKA Fox) News. Seeing that, there is no reason for me to read any further. Again, PLEASE find better sources.

Sorry, I got mislead. I thought you were serious, my mistake. It’s not the news source, it is the person interviewed that counts. Example, Li-Meng Yan worked in the Wuhan lab. Dr. Ai Fen, the director of the emergency department of the Wuhan hospital. The first doctor to order tests on the earliest Corvid patients and shared a report with Dr Li Wenliang. You wanted another source. I gave you one. Now, Peter Daszak is speaking in his own words, and you don’t believe him because you don’t like the news source. Add this to your Trump is a Russian puppet and the Steele Dossier is the biblical truth. This whole Covid data issue has been taxing for me too. Example, what scientists are willing to be negative against Fauci when he holds the purse strings to America’s virologist’s careers.
An October Gallup poll indicated “68% of Democrats, 31% of independents and 11% of Republicans trust media.” I gave up trusting the media decades ago. I find the best overall source for news on America covid status right now is WION. Another Gallup Poll. Less than half of Republicans, 45%, are confident in the institution of science, compared with 72% in 1975. At the same time, Democratic confidence in science has increased from 67% to 79%.

The dotard isn’t mine. I don’t claim him. Biblical truth is not truth. I also don’t listen to anything that has has Fox, Newsmax, OAN, Daily Mail, Skynews, etc labels on it. Now, if it said MSNBC, Wash Po, JAMA, NEJM, NY Times, and a few others, maybe I would have listened, but I won’t even give known sources of misinformation and propaganda a listen.

That’s not even from the U.S. It’s Indian from what I found doing a search. The best sources on COVID-19 are sites like British Medical Journal (BMJ), New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), WHO, and other like sources. Anything else is secondary or even misinformation. Now the above source I gave to start the thread is for conversation, because the theory is out there. The last thing people need are known sources of misinformation and propaganda though.

Lastly, I’m not a Repug.

And facts. If the person says things that aren’t factual, that doesn’t magically turn them into facts

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WION World is One is from India. The JAMA is good. Don’t trust WHO. BMJ & NEJM is good. I do search them. The problem is the data is to dry and technical for this site. Therefore, I try and find a news site with the same message. That will save me time if you like technical data.

OK, I grab one from my file from ‘JAMA’. Here is what they say about Immune escape.

Our results suggest a modest reduction in vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 in Utah associated with the expansion of the Delta lineage in the state. This reduction in the effectiveness of available vaccines associated with the arrival of novel VOCs, rather than waning immunity, is concerning. These should serve as a caution throughout the US that the Delta variant can bring renewed outbreaks, even in highly vaccinated populations. If there is a consistent trend of increasing immune escape as new variants arise, it could eventually undermine the effectiveness of current vaccines and necessitate mass revaccination.

I find it best to over search for data. It took me three days of research before I decide which vaccine to use. And then I still was not sure. Example, CNBC July 2021 - Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is just 39% effective in Israel where the delta variant is the dominant strain. NYT August 2021 - Israel reported that the Pfizer vaccine was 64 percent effective against the Delta variant. What are the chances that the Pfizer vaccine improved that much in one month? Most likely the terminology of what ‘effective’ means when related to vaccinated was changed. We know the terminology definition for the word ‘vaccinated’ was changed about the same time. If that is going on, then one must be very careful comparing data.

That’s what I said. It’s Indian.

How so? You think people at CFi aren’t capable of understanding it, even though some us read it every day?

I don’t know. We went with Moderna- my husband, my adult son (the other son is being stupid), my mother, and me are Team Moderna.

That said, all of that is off topic and that is what needs to have factual answers, which are not forthcoming from many sources.

As Lausten said:

We don’t actually have any answers concerning the origins of COVID, though lab theory is there, but China won’t let anyone investigate their labs, probably because they are trying to save face. Who knows, but that is what is up for discussion in this thread. The problem is, we don’t have any facts on the topic. We just have articles to discuss.

Just like the USA!!!

No, that’s not it at all. People don’t log in to read technical. Posted tek stuff before and got no feedback.

I started updating myself on DNA, RNA, and viruses about a year ago. Bad health has slowed the process. Didn’t do it for Covid. Did it for the last step of fully understanding religion. I’m down to the fun stuff now.

Today we use God’s laws every day with a little bit of Blackstone’s views of Common Law and Natural Laws mixed in. In looking into the Rules of Laws, I was able to follow the Laws from pre-history to our founding fathers. The problem was, why me. I am no expert. This data is available. So why do I see it this way? Why isn’t this a more common knowledge? Why is no one else talking about this subject?

A couple weeks back I was looking for a book that explained in layperson terms the amount of energy changes in sunlight bandwidth do to the Grand Solar Minimum that we are now in. And any data on neutrinos in the changes of bandwidth. I have some data and the math is just to technical. And unexpectedly I came across this book “The Secret Legacy of Jesus”. Written by a professor and forewords by today’s top religious experts. This book is about the teachings at the time of Jesus from mainly Jesus’s brother that ended up changing Europe and being use by our founding fathers in setting up the constitution.

Three-fourths through the book now and it is truly a book of knowledge about the beginning of the many types of Christian religions. The author took the northern route to get to Alexandria where I took the southern route, which had more Gnostic Christianity than the northern areas being studied at the university of religion in Alexandria at that time. It’s a cake walk after Alexandria to Philadelphia. The book is very inspiring as professor Butz explained the Judaic teaching from James the Just to American’s founding fathers.

Going to take a run at locating the Holy Grail now that I have put the Rules of Law to bed. The Holy Grail is a common factor of all religions that evolved out of the same tree as the branch of Christianity came from.

Hey, I just heard there is a new VOC called IUH in France right now. No good data yet.